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Interviews Glasgow PGDE Primary - anyone got a date yet?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by peewee1981, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Good luck to all for your interviews! Wish Aberdeen would hurry up... :/
  2. Im in the middle of university exams also stressing about this interview especially the written task. Has anyone any idea what has come up in previous years. Any help would be great.
  3. Coming over from Ireland too for Wednesday interview. So nervous!! Any info you can post on here after your interview one would be amazing :) Best of luck
  4. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    How was it? What did they ask etc, etc ?
  5. Obviously no one can answer that. It's a rule not to discuss interviews and therefore no one wants to jeopardize their application by telling other people.
    You will find out on the day just like everyone else.
  6. Phew interview all done, hate it when you walk away and think of a million things you could have said!!!! Ash well good luck everyone xx
  7. I'm happy today is over too. Hopefully we can pop it to back of our minds until after the next interview day. What group were you in? I was in group two. CalamityKate I think you were in my group. I was wearing grey dress with black polka dots.
  8. I was in group one I had on a Burgundy skirt and black blouse....can't remember spotty dress c
  9. I had my interview today as well. I was in group 2 at the 9:30 slot. I think it went well fingers crossed :)
  10. We were in the same group. Were you sitting next to the interview lady? I was on the other side of her. I'm wishing away Christmas and New year so we can find out our fate!
  11. Nice one peewee! All the best! GTTR Track says I have interview too :)
  12. Yeah that was me peewee! I just want to know already! Oh well I'm just going to enjoy Christmas and then start stressing on the 9th!
  13. Do you know exactly what date we find out? Is it the 9th? I cannot stop thinking about, it's taking over my life!!
  14. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    I had on a black suit and green top, and was in group 2.

    I'm so nervous too... I got an alumni email from Glasgow Uni and got fright of my life! They were trying to get donation from me, but I had brief thought it was from the course!!

    They just said to keep an eye on Track, so I imagine we'll maybe know on the 11th, 12th or early the following week.

    Try to relax - easier said than done though!!

  15. I was sitting next to you CalamityKatie, I was on your right. That must have given you a fright. I know I will freak whem I eventually see THE email! I hope they get round to offering quickly after the interviews on the 9th. Not long to wait now! I am so glad our interviews were before Christmas though.
  16. Hi CalamityKatie,
    I was in your group too. I am so nervous; I just want to know already! They said the last day of interviews was the 9th and we would hear back very soon after that. I really hope I get in!! x
  17. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    I know what you mean - I think I've been on edge all Christmas and new year!! I'm trying to keep calm, but it is hard...

    It has to be the weirdest interview I've ever had in my life... it is so hard to know what they were looking out for!!!

    Has everyone sent their priest reference form off yet? (to those it is relevant to)

    K x
  18. It was the same questions they asked this year as they did when I got interviewed two years ago. I thought it was really relaxed. You've just reminded me about the priest reference! I havent been to chapel in a while so I dont want to ask until I've been going nack for a while.
  19. Good luck to those with interviews today....let's hope we all hear soon xx
  20. I second that! I had my interview at the start of December so it has been a long wait! Does anyone know if it is true that we may hear by tonight as the last interviews are apparently today?
    Thanks x

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