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Interviews Glasgow PGDE Primary - anyone got a date yet?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by peewee1981, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. mm i have no idea!! everything i have read has said different :s ! initially i thought you would hear back pritty quick but from reading previous posts from people, some people seemed to wait until begining of feb after all the interviews were complete! fingers crossed there not too much of a wait though! any thoughts on the written exercise in the interview? its the only part that completely scaring me!
  2. amm0032, I've got an interview at Glasgow for PGDE secondary, and as far as I'm aware the written task for us involves being given a topic and having to write a short 300 word statement on the topic. Having asked previous applicants on this part, the topic that seems to crop up each year is along the lines of 'Why Do You Want To Teach?'

    The email I received inviting me to interview said the following regarding the written task:
    1. Written Task

    Applicants will required to write a short personal statement of approximately 300 words on a teaching related topic which will be given on the day.

    Applicants for Modern Languages should write in their chosen foreign language.

    Applicants will be assessed on their capacity to demonstrate clear structure and cohesion with acceptable conventions.

    Of course, it could be slightly different for Primary PGDE. Hope this helps you and puts your mind at ease :)
  3. I have no idea. Our email just says the topic will be chosen on the day.
    Honestly, you're lucky if that's the only part you're worried about. I'm worried about everything, especially the group discussion. I want to be able to get a chance to say my piece but so will everyone else and what happens if I run out of time to get a word in!! My biggest worry is that I don't get a chance to speak because the last thing you want to do is interrupt someone when they're speaking- because it's so annoying when it happens to you!
  4. emma3m , thanks very much:) we got told the same about the 300 words ect... but thats useful to know about what generaly crops up :) thanks alot!! i was hoping it would be nothing to complex! good luck with your interview.
  5. i wouldnt worry about that with the group discussion, with these things you quite often find someone in the group will do all the talking, but if they dont let you get your piece in then that will look bad on them not you :)
  6. Well that's true, it won't look good on their part if they don't stop to listen to others!

    It's so nerve-wracking! Hopefully I don't become a waffling mess on the day :)
  7. The group discussion is actually the part that I'm most nervous for too lol! My topic for the group discussion is 'Effective Teachers: Pupils Perspective' ... has anyone else received theirs? And if so, is it similar? I'm terrified for my interview, the only thought that comforts me is that everyone else will be in the same boat as me!
  8. My track status has now changed to 'interview', but I haven't had an email - anyone else?
  9. This happened to me too, I received an email from Glasgow the next day after my status changed. You'll probably get an email soon :)
  10. Thanks Emma - I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight now!
  11. Congrats! Is it for the PGDE Primary as well?
  12. Yes, PGDE Primary at Glasgow Uni :)
  13. Best of luck, I'll probably be seeing you next Monday :)
  14. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    I have mine next week too... very excited and feel the nervous energy pumping through me!

    I just had to fork out £125 for train tickets from London. Ouch!

    Katie x
  15. Well done everyone on getting your interviews! :) Can I ask, do any of you know the particular location for your interview? In my email it just said the St Andrews building. I've never been to Glasgow uni before, and although I know where this building is I have no idea where I'd go once inside lol! :S
  16. Im not even sure how to get to building :/ think I am just going to arrive really early to find out where to go. Btw what is everyone wearing are you going formal or dressy casual?
  17. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    The building is really easy to get to... it is just off Woodlands Road and not too far from the main part of the University. Do you live in Glasgow? (although from your name, you sound like you may be Irish!).
    I think either smart casual or formal is fine - as long as you're not wearing trainers! Dress for the job you want [​IMG]
  18. Yes I am from Ireland :). Im staying close enough I think ,staying at the Argyll hotel. It says online it was close so hopefully wont be too hard to find. :)
  19. Great to just find this forum! I am from Ireland too and also staying in the Argyll for my interview Monday. I'm so nervous, but if they ask something about why you want to be a teacher for the written section it would be grand! Anyone any good info on the Scottish education system? Because i'm from Ireland and our system is really very different from over there!
  20. I also have an Interview on the 18th. Mines is for PDGE in Biology. I am currently studying at Glasgow and the St Andrews Building is pretty easy to find its slightly away from the main building but you will find it no bother.

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