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Interviews Glasgow PGDE Primary - anyone got a date yet?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by peewee1981, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Hi Col25b, yup that's me! And my cover picture is of a sunset kinda thing! :)
  2. Ok I have added you Rachael.

    Emma, I can't seem to add you, doesn't give the option, must be your settings? Add me I'm Colette Brady , picture of my friend and me next to a fireplace and cover is my little girl :) x
  3. Hi there did you find out the facebook group name? I am Jamie-Lee from Glasgow. I have accepted my offer but i haven't as of yet received a letter and so did not email Vicki and now I am super worried :S If someone could add me to the facebook group it would be much appreciated: Jamie-Lee Dickson, my profile photo is of me and a friend, one dark haired (me) and one blonde if that helps? Thanks, cant wait to meet up with you all :)
  4. Hi all,
    I'll be starting the course in August too. It would be great if someone could add me to the Facebook group. My name is Gillian Polonis (there's only one of me). I've not had any letters or anything from the University, so it would be great to keep in touch with everyone before the course and keep up to date with any info that anyone hears.
  5. Hi guys, I'm also starting the course in August :) would someone mind adding me to the facebook group my name is Katy Grace McAllister. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  6. Hi All,
    Don't know if you have tried to add me to the group yet, but I would love to be able to keep in touch with you all [​IMG]
    Gillian Polonis
  7. Hi, could you add me to the group too please. If you search for my name on facebook, my picture is me balancing a golf club on my chin.

  8. Hi, I have added you Katy & Gillian, Gillian we sat at the same table on the interview day! Congrats on your place! :)
    Jody I got so many results for you, try and add me and I'll put you in group, Colette Brady..picture of me and friend standing next to a fireplace x
  9. Hi everyone, am I the only one who hasn't heard anything from the Uni for ages?

    It keeps making me feel nervous, like I'm missing something?

    I keep checking the information for applicants site and it still has the 2012/13 information.

    I also check the SAAS website re:funding and it still has the form for 2012/13 up too.

    Can't wait to be all organised and actually get started.
  10. Hi everyone!

    I got accepted to the primary course in August too! Tried finding the fb page but no luck so if someone could add me that would be great! My fb name is Eimear Ní Nualláin and I'll be coming over from Ireland so any suggestions on what the best thing to do for accomodation would be great!!
  11. Hi guys! I realise I'm so so so late to the party but I've just found the facebook group, I tried to join but not sure if it's do-able without someone adding me first? I'm a bit stupid where technology is concerned. If someone could add me though that would be great, my name is Rianne Stewart and I'm in a yellow skirt in my profile picture.

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