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Interviews Glasgow PGDE Primary - anyone got a date yet?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by peewee1981, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Anyone heard anything or had GTTR status changed to interview for Glasgow Primary?
  2. Nope! What about yourself peewee1981?
  3. No not yet. So anxious! When was your application acknowledged?
  4. Me too! I've not been sleeping and when I do manage to sleep I dream about it! Mines got acknowledged on the 7th of November. What about yourself?
  5. Oh gosh mine wasn't till 19th November. We're supposed to know by 28 days after they get our application.
  6. Hi
    I'm waiting to hear back too, getting more nervous every day!! I got an acknowledgement email on the 1st but still no word eek!!
  7. I would be chasing the uni up then as that's them had it more than 28days now. Let us know how you get on!
  8. I will give them a call on Monday, but where does it say 28days? I had a look over the e mail again and can't see 28days mentioned anywhere on it.But UWS said that they would get back within 28days?
  9. I was snooping on some threads from last year to see if I could get an idea for when applicants found out about interviews, although I couldn't see when, I did find some interesting conversations about how and what to prepare for interview...might make good reading if anyone has the time!
  10. Oh UWS isn't through GTTR so I guess they will have different guidelines. I applied for Glasgow through GTTR.

    I had an interview at Glasgow two years ago and missed out getting a place by one mark. Passmark was 34/36 and I scored 33 :-( We had to do a 5min lesson, write an evaluation on the lesson and then do a 1-2-1 interview.
  11. Hey, I applied to Glasgow last year and got a letter inviting me to interview on the 23rd of December. The interview structure last yr was a group interview, written exercise and individual interview. They were held in first half of january and got final decision beginning of Feb - good luck everyone!!
  12. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    I doubt they'll get in touch with anyone until Friday at the earliest... then we wait! Apparently they will have around 110 places for 2013/2014, and interviews will be each week in January until the programme is filled. I called them up and asked LOTS of questions!!!
    Apparently in the interview you do a five minute lesson to a group, then write a critique on it and then you have an individual interview.
    In terms of the personal statement, did anyone mention the Catholic Teacher's Cert and wanting to do it? Apparently most of Glasgow's Primary PDGE intake is Catholic and this makes your application stand out more. I'm only going from what someone else told me, so not 100% sure!
  13. They are informing people of PGDE secondary about interviews atm. That's because the interviews are earlier. Still....I'm rather nervous and would love to know either way. It's been a month since I sent my application away. How is everyone else holding up with the waiting?
  14. I don't like this waiting game I would just rather know if I have been selected to interview or not!! Trying to stay positive tho and think I'll start to think about ideas for the interview x
  15. I find that staggering about the Catholic thing. That is pure discrimination if true. No other word for it.
  16. I think the intake is mostly catholic as Glasgow is the only place that offers the catholic teaching certificate (Im not 100% if that's correct. I intend to do the certificate if I get an interview but didn't mention it at all on my application. I had too much else to say! I didn't mention it in my application from two years ago and got an interview so I dont think it makes a difference either way. The course doesn't only just interview and offer places to catholic applicants. The certificate is optional.
  17. Hi, I've applied also. I've applied to PGCE Primary . I just got acknowledgement , and waiting . Thats awful that they didn't give interview date till end of December means that if we don't get accepted wont have a chance at other uniiversity's. I've applied to Coleraine and University of the west of Scotland as well.
  18. The Catholic teaching certificate!?!

    I find that staggering to be honest, moreso considering this is Government funded training. Must be a Central belt thing (im born and raised in the Highlands). Is the standard teaching certificate not good enough for faith schools?

    I'm not having a pop at anyone here by the way, i'm genuinely interested...and gobsmacked.
  19. I think the Catholic certificate is optional, as in Ireland you need it to teach in some schools. Im sure its just a option module. It would be unfair if your choice in taking the catholic Cert would reflect on the chance of getting into the course.
  20. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    Here's what it says on the Glasgow uni website....
    The Scottish Executive expects the School of Education to provide numbers of teachers to teach in Catholic schools in Scotland. This particular programme provides support for, and emphasis on, the initial teacher education of those who intend to teach in Catholic schools. The design of the programme necessarily reflects the denominational sector requirements and prospective applicants should consider this before applying. The School welcomes applications from all qualified candidates. In the selection procedures for interview, priority is given to those who indicated, in their personal statement, their intention to teach in Catholic schools and to seek the Catholic Teacher’s Certificate in Religious Education.

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