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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by liquidskinz, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if anyone had heard about interviews for the PGDE History at Moray House yet?

  2. I was wondering if anyone had heard about interviews for the PGDE History at Moray House yet?

  3. I found out a week ago that i have one. Apparently theres going to be at least 2days of interviews so dont be disheartened.
  4. Oh, excellent to hear of someone else! I actually have an interview and was wondering who else may have one. My interview's on the 8th. How about yourself?
  5. Yeah my interviews on the 8th too, talk about cutting it fine.... i still have so much to do!
  6. We'll be in the group discussion together. Have you devised your lesson plan yet? Have you opted for Scottish Wars of Ind. or WWI? I just have too many ideas swirling around my mind at the moment and can't put ink to paper!
  7. Not yet. Im going to do my presentation on the Scottish wars of independence as i find the causes of WW1 a bit dull! What about you? Good luck with your prep, im sure once you start writing your ideas down it will become easier.
  8. I'm trained in Scottish History - so am always going to take that option. I'm just not entirely sure what aspect I want to cover yet. I'm thinking about the Birgham Treaty as it was a pivotal moment in the development of the wars. Do you know what area/period you are going to cover yet?
  9. I have a few ideas but im not quite sure yet. Theres so much to choose from! the Birgham Treaty sound like a good topic to go with. Are we to presume that our audience already has some prior knowledge of the wars?
  10. I'm assuming so. The email stipulated that we are aiming at 'middle' years. That would say to me that we will be aiming at S3/4. By this age I would imagine that children have some knowledge of the wars - most of the children in the school I worked in did by this stage. I'm trying to pitch it in such a way that even if they don't have any prior knowledge that they'll understand. It would be easier if we were organising a 'set' of lesson plans instead of just one. The wars of ind. is such a large topic.
  11. Ok, so I've known about my interview for about 36 hours and I've had a headache pretty much ever since! Having only ever set foot in Scotland once I can't begin to explain how tricky it is trying to get my head around the education system. I can't even make a start on my presentation until I've carried out some research into what level of knowledge children will have by S3/S4 - and it's taken me half an hour to work out that it's S3/S4 I should be aiming it at! Sorry, just having a rant!
  12. Im really struggling with the presentation as well. The question is so bloody vague. Its the word "concept" thats giving me the most trouble.
  13. It's a pain isn't it? I was going to do mine on the Scottish Wars of Independence because I thought it would be really interesting to learn about something that's new to me - then I realised that to try to put together a presentation on something I know nothing about in nine days was madness! So, the causes of WWI it is. I've even given up on trying to relate it to Scotland because I've realised if I don't get it spot on then they're really going to pick up on it. Plus I'm sort of hoping that they put that option in there for candidates that weren't educated in Scotland. It sounds silly now but I never really thought about the differences between the two curriculums before I applied and now I'm really worried it's going to count against me. My plan is to just promise to do loads and loads of research before the course starts if I'm offered a place! As far as the brief is concerned, who knows? I think I'm going to spend half of the presentation giving a very broad outline of the subject and the other half explaining why it's still relevant as a topic today, which isn't as easy as it sounds! It seems like such an obvious question but trying to put it into words is a nightmare
  14. Im English too, but i moved up here about ten years ago and so experienced both curriculums. As long as you learn the 4 capacities set out in the Curriculum for excellence and all the different exams that the students take in high school you should be fine.Im sure they wont hold being English against you!
    Here, this might cheer you up!

  15. Brilliant :) That's pretty much how I was planning on explaining it all anyway!
  16. Just wanted to say good luck to everyone who has their interview tomorrow - I hope it goes well for you all!
  17. So how did it go guys? Any tips now you've been through it? And did they say how long you'd have to wait for a decision?

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