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Discussion in 'Science' started by 2Tony2, May 19, 2011.

  1. I have been involved in interviewing candidates for science teaching jobs for a few years now and in our most recent set of interviews I was left with some question marks about how the students still training had been advised.
    Possibly I am a bit too much of a traditionalist, but what I am looking for a candidate to demonstrate is presence in the classroom, some degree of subject knowledge and some enthusiasm and drive.
    The students seemed to think they needed to have very adventurous lessons to show off all different aspects of their training. I felt that in trying to cram too much in they were unable to show their ability to perform the basic requirements.
    What advice should be given to student teachers preparing for interview lessons?

    Related to this is the need for references. Most trainees have two main placements and so when asked for referees will usually ask for one from their university and then either of their training schools. The references from the university are often very general and dont always help that much. If the second reference is then from a private or grammar school, or a sixth form college, they dont help much in judging suitablity for a post in a comprehensive with a broad range of students.

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