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Interview - Year 1 maths lesson for 45 minutes!!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cakeycake, May 9, 2011.

  1. cakeycake

    cakeycake New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    I have an interview on Friday where I have to teach a maths lesson to a Year 1 class for 45 minutes. I'm not uber confident when teaching maths so I want to do a lesson where I feel comfortable delivering it.
    I'm thinking of a shape lesson maybees...any ideas?
  2. cakeycake

    cakeycake New commenter

    Any ideas would be fab...please?!
  3. have you tried searching on here for ideas. what have you thought of so far? people on here are happy to give you advice on your ideas but reluctant to give you their own ideas for an interview as its meant to show how good you are.
    do you know the school? you could go on a maths trail around the school each group looking for a different shape. or just looking round the classroom for them. sorting different shapes, ICT game. guess the shape. making patterns from shapes and then describing them., making pictures from shapes and they have a list of the shapes they are allowed to used ha could have the descriptions. justsome ideas that I've though of now. try googling shapes year 1 to get some more ideas. inspiration will hit you eventually! try and keep it simple so you don't have to much to worry about, differentiate, if you use ICT make sure you've got an alternative if technology fails you, and they are looking at your relationship with the children in particular. Good luck!
  4. Hi funkykatie,
    Well being a Mathematics teacher and having spent time with year 1's and 2's, I would advise the following.
    Choose a topic that you have a good grasp of - if 2D shapes is one of them, that is fine.
    Make sure you have a clear set of lesson objectives - 2 at most. Also make sure these are very child friendly at that age group. Like 'Can I find the names to shapes' (this I think is REALLY important for your observer).
    Once you have decided the LO's, then you need to decide the lesson structure. This will ideally involve short bursts of what pupils can do and show you (AFL). Have a really engaging starter - as practical as you and they can be (check maths/other resources, make it related to their toys, home- use multilink if you can). I would go for a 4 stage lesson, because having more planned is better than finishing early.
    So, so far we have, with assessment during and end of each:
    1) Engaging starter --> 2) First part of main --> 3) second part of main ---> 4) Plenary and further exploring
    2) and 3) is where you need to 'split' the LO's in their respective skill applied. In naming 2D shapes, it could be to start with easy shapes in 1) and why and then when all have achieved this, to move on to 3) with harder shapes (might want to throw in some 3D shapes here). Might want to spend time on how a 2D shape becomes 3D for example using multilink.
    In 4) you would need to draw the findings of the pupils, depending on what tasks you set them - to what they could do to learn further.

    I hope this helps - if it was me, I would do Number. It would be easier for pupils to engage with but you would have to make it fun and real.
    Have a look at primaryresources.co.uk and get some ideas from there and good luck.

  5. cakeycake

    cakeycake New commenter

    Wow! Thanks for some fab ideas guys!
    I've decided to do shape and sorting 2D and 3D (for the HA) I've got a engaging starter for them too.
    I'll let you know how it goes!!!
  6. cakeycake

    cakeycake New commenter

    I got it!!!!!!
    Thanks to everyone for you ideas - they really helped me out!!!
  7. Well done you!!! I am glad the advice paid.
  8. Hey I am an interview and am doing sorting 2D and 3D shape too!! any advice or help as you got your job?!

  9. Hey I have an interview and am doing sorting 2D and 3D shape too with 30 year 1/2's!! any advice or help as you got your job?!

  10. EMM10 - please read my posts 4 & 5 above. This will help no matter what topic you choose to teach.

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