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Interview - writing assessment

Discussion in 'Primary' started by susiec08, May 20, 2012.

  1. I posted this in jobseekers but it was suggested I pop over here.
    I have an interview next week and if I get shortlisted for the afternoon I will need to assess a piece of KS1 writing, with 2 other candidates. It will be discussed and it is expected that I will annotate the writing.
    As its been a few years since assessing a piece of work (currently on suuply) can I ask what I might be looking for, what I need to be writing and will I need to know the APP grids off by heart??
    Thank you
  2. Check whether the APP grids will be allowed whilst your assessing - i would imagine they are going to be! I don't know any teacher who knows them off by heart - the more you use them the more familiar you are with them and you learn to estimate a level, but many schools are still getting to grips them.

    My advice is to ask first then you know what your working with.

    Also you mentioned that your on supply - pop into one of the schools you work in and ask them to look at some ks1 levelled work then you know what to look for!

    Hope this is helpful!

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