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Interview with year 7 on poetry - HELP!!!

Discussion in 'English' started by kez145, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. I taught a similar lesson at interview (20 minutes) and decided to look at imagery in poetry. I used the poem 'The Dead Crab" by Andrew Young but didn't tell the class the title of the poem. The class then had to use the language in the poem to decide what the subject of the poem was. I asked the pupils to draw images related to what they felt the poem was about and then took feedback and the class justified their choices. I had a wooden crab in a box of sand and at the end of the lesson I asked for volunteers to come up to the front and describe what they could feel. The crab was then unveiled at the end of the lesson. The class really engaged with the lesson and I received excellent feedback and sensory descriptions from the pupils. I didn't get the job but my lesson was highly praised and I would definitely use it again.
  2. Sounds great! I hadn't considered that poem yet. Many thanks.

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