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Interview with the SCE.

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by mrswindows54, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. I have been accepted onto the primary supply pool! Now I just have to be offered some work!
  2. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    Congratulations! When did you find out?
    Had my interview day today! Got to wait until end of week for results!
  3. Just got an email this afternoon! Being part of the pool is different to getting a firm job offer but I was sure I had be rejected due to the delay! A return to London from Newcastle is stress enough, a trip to Germany must have been much worse. Did everything go to plan. Let me know the result!
  4. You heard yet? Had an email today from a school for work next term!
  5. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    Have sent a message to your inbox!

  6. I was looking at applying for a role in germany. If you are accepted and sent an interview date.. do they expect to pay for your trip to your interview in germany?
  7. sun seeker

    sun seeker New commenter

    In my experience they provide your flight tickets and transport at the other end and you pay for your hotel - which they sort out , but can claim it back.
  8. I want to apply for my nqt year... has anybody done their nqt in such schools?
  9. I am sure some one at my school did there NQT year here!
  10. The interviews are usually held in London.
  11. Has anyone else ever done their NQT in a SCE school?
  12. Hello,
    I was just wondering if anyone who had been through the interview process could share some feedback on the day in London? What sort of questions were asked etc? Are the questions tougher? Or are they very similar to the questions you would get asked here in the UK?

    I've only just applied so who knows, I may not even get an interview!!


  13. Is it a requirement to have UK QTS to teach in SCE schools, I have Australian qualifications, Grad Dip Primary, MEd (IB) and 5 years English National Curriculum experience in an international school would this count?
  14. arewethereyet

    arewethereyet New commenter

    Their ads used to advise contacting them before applying if you had been out of the UK in the previous 5 years, which I did but they never replied. A colleague told me it was because they couldn't do a full background check on you if you'd been overseas.
  15. ther was a teacher who came from Bulgaria when I worked for them Not sure how she applied but there must be a way as she was British and English trained but hd efinately come directly from an international school in I think it was Bulgaria. So why not simply ask? You have nothing to loose and everthing to gain.

    SUPER.SUPPLY Occasional commenter

    Hi everyone, this thread is old but I am now applying for a job for primary supply pool.

    what is the situation these days in Germany or Cyprus. Mrs windows, how has your Experience been. I am avoiding full time contracts at the moment and wish to stay supply teaching for as long as possible. This is an ideal opportunity for me as I have absolutely no ties. if anyone can give me some advice on what to expect at the interviews.

    SUPER.SUPPLY Occasional commenter

    Apologies for lack of capital letters. Blooming iPad

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