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Interview Task Activity Rec - does this sound ok?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Hedgehog_, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Hedgehog_

    Hedgehog_ New commenter


    I have been offered an interview for a TA position. For the interview, I have to prepare and run a 15 minute activity with a group of no more than six, mixed ability, Reception children.

    I will start by introducing myself, letting the children tell me their names, remind them about 'good listening, eyes looking, hands still' etc and bring in a toy i will have who is going to have a 'baby' polar bear on its back and to try not to make too much noise or baby will wake up! (behaviour incentive haha)

    My idea so far is to read the book 'Rainbow fish to the rescue' which will target some PSED work on sharing and friendships, a relevant theme for this age I feel. I plan to read the book, then explain to the children that they are going to take on the role of 'rainbow fish' i.e. sharing with their friends and giving their friends a chance to have a shiny scale and be a 'rainbow fish' themselves. i will give them a 'shiny scale' (glitter sticker) for them to give to another person, and to say why e.g. I am giving my scale to Rory, because Rory has listened really nicely and has joined in really well. We will go round the group asking each child to pass their sticker to someone else in the group and then say why they are giving it to them.

    It's the second part I'm not so confident about. I have planned worksheets that I have made with starter sentences on. I have written 'my rainbow fish is' (i will model reading this to assist lower ability particularly with 'rainbow' but will ask the children for their input in segmenting the sounds) and then they will need to write their friends' name. (lower ability could stop here with having read the sentence and written their friends' name, names will be written on stickers prior to me arriving so if they struggled, they could just copy from the sticker). Then for higher ability they would have the opportunity to write a 'because' sentence and say why they gave their friend the scale e.g. 'he is kind', 'she helps me'.

    My question is, do you think any of this sounds too challenging for Rec? I'm already a TA in Rec so have a pretty good idea of what they should be able to do but the teaching in my class is a very high quality and there are some in the class writing 5-6 sentences at a time including tricky words.

    Any feedback welcome, thanks! I really want this job!!
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    The ideas sound good, but I think you will struggle to fit all that into 15 minutes. Many children would not be so advanced as it seems you're used to.

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