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Interview starter plenary help

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Fynoderee, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I have an observation interview/lesson on Thursday for a reception class. Any ideas for an impressive starter and plenary, the lesson will focus on positional language - which I have some ideas about.

    Many thanks
  2. young children's learning isn't about plenaries or starters. At best all you show is a prescriptive teaching performance in which you somehow concieve to get children to perform certain behaviours which you have deemed the focus of your 'teaching' which probably has precious little to do with what they area actually trying to learn about. Remember PILES (physical, emotional, intellectual, linguistic, emotional social all boiled into one)? - That has been the dynamic of the early childhood teacher for ever..
    Long before the literacy strategy's 3 part trick came along. If you have to do this for an interview make sure you strongly couch it in the realities of how young children learn and the unreality of the modern 15 minute stand-up comic slot known as interview.
    Any work with young childfen is as much about pantomime and theatre, digression and distraction, there is always too much to fit in the pint pot and it is never manageble in the format of plenaries or starters, with carefull scripted activites- AND LONG MAY LIFE LIVE in all its unscripted banality, its joyous spontaneity, overrunning, overpouring, fizzing with the moment; in spite of the plenary, the objective, the outcome: the death of it.

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