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Interview questions

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Ethelfleda, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Now I know there is already some info on this, and I have found it very helpful. I would, however like some guidance more specific. Firstly, this is my first TA interview. What questions can I expect? Secondly, I have been informed by the school that, 'the interview will assess your suitability to work with children and will include questions relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.' What is the best way to go about answering these questions?
  2. stargirl81

    stargirl81 New commenter

    Hi, i've just bumped up a topic on interview questions. There are loads of possible questions and answers there x
  3. BerylthePeril1990

    BerylthePeril1990 New commenter

    Hi, (new to this) can someone please point me in the right direction.. looking for CA interview Q&As :)
  4. stargirl81

    stargirl81 New commenter

    Hi Beryl, i'll bump up the interview questions thread for you. There are loads of questions and answers on there x
  5. stargirl81

    stargirl81 New commenter

    I've just bumped it up for you its name is unnamed thread which is odd as it used to be called interview questions!! LOL! The forum has changed layout in the last couple of days so thatsp robably why! x
  6. rebeccasass3

    rebeccasass3 New commenter

    Hello, could you please bump the interview questions for me as well, I have an interview for a TA/Tutor and I am completely new to this career and really would like the job! Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  7. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    It's good to see people being so helpful in sharing their interview experiences and questions.

    However sharing answers to questions might turn out to be less helpful than the poster intended, I'm afraid.

    You see, two people going for the same job could see the same questions and answers, and give identical replies in the interview.

    Or the Head could be monitoring this forum and this thread, and could recognise an answer from here.

    Don't think it couldn't happen - it has certainly happened that Heads have recognised lesson plans that candidates found on here. :(

    A much better idea is to pop over to the Jobseekers forum and get general advice from me on there.

    Best wishes
  8. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    As a former secondary headteacher, I agree with Theo - I will add that it sticks out a mile when a candidate has simply learnt answers and is parroting them. Heads are looking for people who have thought about - and developed their own ideas for - a range of issues. A person who has simply trawled the internet for sample questions (and worse, their answers) is unlikely to survive in the job, even if by some fluke they're appointed.

    Theo offers excellent advice and help on preparing for interviews over on Jobseekers. You'll have to wait a long time to find a headteacher (or any teacher with good experience) who recommends getting lists of questions and trying to learn answers to them.
  9. Alibalibumblebee

    Alibalibumblebee New commenter


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