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Interview Questions

Discussion in 'Music' started by ethnic, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I recently attended a Head of Music interview and was asked some tricky questions, in my opinion. It was obvious that the current Head of Music had been given the push because the standards were not good enough (GCSE numbers of 2). Anyway I was asked 'What would be your three priorities if you were appointed in September?' My answer was - 1) to ensure effective SOW of work were up and running and that they were meeting the needs of students from Years 7-13 and being delivered to a high standard b) to review/maintain existing extra-curricular groups and diagnose weaknesses and strengths, including starting new groups c) to review/maintain existing instrumental lessons and to actively promote more uptake of lessons. How would other music teachers answer this? Also I was asked what would I hope to have achieved after the first month, the first term and then the first year. I must admit I was kind go waffling here. How would people answer this one as well? I really find it hard when they ask you to use one word to describe your leadership style. I said inspire.

    Many thanks

  2. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    That leadership question? I would have said Learning Centred. The other questions I think you answered really well. Hope you get it! Did you get it?

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