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Interview Questions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by susiec08, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. I have an interview tomorrow for a reception post. I was thinking about what types of questions I might be asked and came up with the usual safeguarding, SEN, G&T etc. Can you lovely people think of any that might be specically EYFS based?
    (I have also posted in Early Years)

  2. Susie,
    Are you an NQT or just new to the lower end of the school? If you've not had any experience or training in the EY it's a hard egg to crack...and if you have, how can you not think of questions that may come up? Wow, there are hundreds, and good and above school will be asking them. Without a great Reception/KS1 team the rest of the school will be struggling to help all children succeed. A few q's off the top of my head...What's role does a well constructed Learning Journey play in and EY environment? What's the significance of the profile scores? Describe how you might enhance exploration and learning through play in your environment? What skills and areas of development will you focus on in the 1st 1/2 term of YR? What is the most important role of the adults in a successful EY environment? What are the purpose of displays in an EY environment? What is the purpose of observations in an EY environment? How would your setting ensure all children would be engaged and able to learn on a daily basis? How do you use an outdoor classroom? If I/we walked in to you setting, what would we see?
    GOOD LUCK! :0)
  3. This isn't an EYFS but I've been on several interview panels and am always interested in the answer to "have you anything you want to ask us?"

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