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Interview Questions

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by susiec08, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. I have an interview tomorrow for a reception post. I was thinking about what types of questions I might be asked and came up with the usual safeguarding, SEN, G&T etc. Can you lovely people think of any that might be specically EYFS based?
  2. Luckydip

    Luckydip New commenter

    I had one recently and got asked about
    AfL in reception
    behaviour strategies
    how would you collect evidence - obs/incidentals etc
    describe outdoor area - how it can be used for learning
    also describe your classroom - what they would see?
    importance of CLL in Early Years -
    Hope this helps.
    oh, and describe a lesson that went well? and one that didnt - what did you do?
  3. How often do teachers meet together to plan?
    What percentage of EAL children are there and how are they supported in school?
    Does the school use a published phonics scheme such as Read Write Inc or Jolly Phonics?
    What kind of transition activities are planned?
    How many nurseries / pre-schools feed the school?
    Will you be doing home visits in September?
    What TA support is there in class?
    Will your NQT mentor have experience in Foundation Stage? (this is important as they will be able to help you with tracking documents, etc) - sorry, are you an NQT?
    I've often said at the end of an interview when they ask have you got any questions that I did want to ask about ..... (something mentioned in the interview e.g. tracking and assessment) and that it was answered in the course of the interview. lol, cheeky!

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