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Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by ecoext, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Beware the ones that want answers based around Every Child Matters but don't actually ask you questions about this. Most bizarre interview I have ever had!
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  2. Was the question 'How would you develop the outside area of the school?' in a TA interview? Seems a bit unusual to ask this. I can understand questions around ECM, though.
  3. I probably should have said how COULD you develop the outside area!
    not necessarily asking you to do it, just making suggestions of how the school could develop it as a whole! I guess it depends on the school.

    This question has been asked at a T/A interview yes!!!
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  4. Hi everyone,

    Here are some of the questions I've been asked at TA interviews:

    *What's your experience of working with children?
    *What will your duties include as a Teaching Assistant?
    *How would you liaise with a class teacher and parents?
    *How can you support the programme of the extra-curricular provision at our school?
    *Give some ideas for after-school clubs.
    * Could you teach the Polish language to our children?
    *The child doesn't follow your instructions. What's your reaction?
    *What are your preferred subjects to teach?
    *Can you comment on your 30-minute literacy session we have just observed. Has it been successful? Have the children learned anything?
    *What types of assessment do you use?

    Hope this helps:)
  5. * How could you develop the role play area in the classroom/ outside

    * If a parent saw you in a shop and asked you about a child in the class or even their own child, what would you say?

    * If a child came up to you and told you a secret that they were being harmed, wat would you say to the child and what would you do?

    * What is the role of a T/A?

  6. Any more? xx
  7. Hi all- just letting you know i have an interview on 21st!! ahhhhh scary!!!
    Any more help would be much appreciated!!!
  8. You arrive to a class, ther is no teacher present, a teacher still does not arrive,what would you do?
    A pupil swears at you, what would your reaction be?
    Which subjest area would you say you were strongest in?
  9. Thanks KS!!
    Good one about the teacher not coming in!!! xx
  10. Thanks for possible interview questions. I shall prepare answers for them before my interview next week!
    Are scenario questions popular in an interview?
  11. Yes You are most likely to get scenario questions, remember If you get an interveiw you are half way there, they have seen something in your application that they liked
  12. I have an interview next friday! eeekkkk sooo scared!

    What sort of questions would they ask you about the foundation curriculum??? any ideas??
  13. Any answers for the question about liasing with staff and parents??
    Also, about the one with the teacher not turning up....I would send a child (if they were old enough) to another class or to the head??
    Any help would be appreciated, as I have an interview next week and am panicking a bit!!
  14. Hi i have an interview next thursday, i have to play a board game type of activity with 6 yr2 children i have decided on a game based on the hungry catapillar the children have to decide which food is healthy and which is not...so hoping for lots of room for discussion. Really worried about questions in the interview, questions in the last post i could do with some help to........anybody..thanks in advance and i am being really dense what does CDP stand for ??
  15. Continued professional development
  16. That's CPD
  17. Oopps ! silly me lol
  18. rosieandjim

    rosieandjim New commenter

    Just thought l would leave a message as l have found this thread very useful.
    I had an interview for a TA position yesterday so l thought l would share some of the questions.
    Why had l chosen this school ?
    What experience form my current post could l bring to the school ?
    When had l had to use my own initiative ?
    When had a lesson gone wrong ?
    What skills did l have that l could bring to the job ?
    I was asked about child protection and staff/pupil confidentiality.
    What is the difference between noisey boisterous children in the playgrund and bad behaviour ?
    How what l handle bad behaviour/ noisey children at lunchtime ?

    I was offered a job at the school but not the one l went for and not the one l really wanted. I have accepted the 15 hour job in KS2 (class 4), but really wanted a 25 hour job in Year 1.

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  19. Well done you for getting yourself a job! And you never know, once you are in you might be offered more hours and of course experience in KS2 is a bounus
  20. My interview is 2mz at 9:00am!! Please think of me and cross your fingers! haha!! I have been preparing for weeks! Let's hope it pays off!

    Some answers for the questions,
    ~ If the teacher doesn't turn up- This interview is for the foundation stage, i would say...

    Before opening the doors up for the children to come in, i would pop my head in next door and explain to the Class teacher the situation, and the T/A for that class could go down to the office to say the teacher hasn't turned up. I personally wouldn't send a child down, the note may not get there etc.
    But i would carry on with the routine- as i would be aware of what was happening in the week from talking to the teacher previously so would set up activities on the tables, floor etc. lunch register, actual register and carry on as normal until i hear otherwise.

    ~ Parents question...

    I think it is vital to get to know the parents of the children as they are the main educators of their children at home and before their children came to school, so you must value them and any contributions they may be able to bring to the school, for example, it is going to be statutory to teach french next sept, we have a parent in our class who can speak french and so we invited her to come in and read 'the very hungry caterpillar' to the class in french! etc.

    ~ when i had to use my own initiative?

    The class teacher went out at lunch time and did not return to pick the class up at the end of play, so a member of staff came and told me, i obviously didn't have anything planned so i had to pick up the children and take the register and set up a quick activity for the children until the teacher came back! If you are not asked the previous question about the teacher not turning up, use it as an example!!

    ~ Confidentiality (if a parent came up to you in tesco) ...

    I would explain that because of the policy of the school, i am unable to discuss this with you, but if you made an appointment with the head or your childs class teacher, i'm sure they would be more than happy to talk to you about it.

    ~ child protection (if a child tells you a secret)...

    Explain to the child that i may not be able to keep this a secret if it means we can help you, don't ask any leading questions- you may put words in their mouths, write everything down that was said and refer it to the school child protection officer. If the alogation is about the child protection officer- go to the head) etc.

    Can't think of any more at the moment. Hope some of those helped!!!
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