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Interview questions for Nursery TA

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by ANNABEL39, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Hi I wondered if anyone could help on questions I have for a nursery TA post. I have worked in FS2 for 14 months but never in nursery. The letter says they are not interested in what people know about the school but concerned with attitudes and responses to situations. I have a 3 year old at nursery at the moment so not completely unaware of what goes on. Just wondered if anyone with experience in nursery could help with situations I might be asked about. I would really love this job and have wanted to work with this age group for a while now so I was very excited to get a letter asking me to come for an interview. Thanks Annabel

    I have also posted this on the early years forum but thought would try here too. thanks
  2. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    I do not work in Foundation but have just completed an early years Open university course and to enable me to complete it My head let me work in Foundation 1 for one afternoon a week in which I picked up lots of information on the curriculum and how it operates in my school.
    Some of the things I needed to develop knowledge on (and could perhaps be something that might be incorporated in interviews)
    * How language maths and science can be promoted/ incorporated within a single activity
    (think of water/sand/cooking play)
    * How children develop knowledge (through play orientated activities)
    * How activities promote inclusion and allow SEN and EAL children to develop ( different ways of communicating to children/visual cues etc)
    * what are the Early Learning goals (I would make myself familiar with the Foundation stage profiles- Just having a brief knowledge of how the foundation curriculum is different to KS1 curriculum.
    The use of post it notes for assessing children's progress.
    Importance of observing individual children
    Working as a team with other people.
    Just a few things you might want to reflect on
  3. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    Just wanted to point out that although I am sure a lot of what bluebell wrote was useful, the Early Learning Goals are what children are meant to reach by the end of reception and the profiles are only meant for reception. In nursery you need to be looking at the ages and stages of Development Matters. Generally children in Nursery are working on the 30-50 months age band, though depending on area and cohort some may come in working at 22 -36 age band.
    All Foundation settings are encouraged to keep a Learning Journey which should have 'work' and observations linked to dev. matters but also stuff from parents on what they have achieved at home.
    Parent partnerships very important in Nursery/Foundation so could be asked how you see that could be developed, e.g home visits, parent helpers, stay and play whatever you do in your area or what you think would be good to do.
    80% of assessment should be done through child initiated learning so importance of child initiated play.

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