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Interview Questions C of E school?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by jraf, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. I have an interview at a C of E school next week....RELIGIOUS STUDIES.
    I am not a Christian. What are the types of questions they might ask specifically to do with the church / church school environment?
    Really want this job. Fingers crossed.
  2. I would want to know that you could and would support the ethos and the spirituality of the school.

    A favourite of one of our governro's was 'should Christianity be caught or taught?'

    I would wnat to be sure that you could nurture those pupils with a faith nad have a deep understanding of Christianity even if you didn't practise it.

    I would be intrigued to know why you wanted to work in a faith school.

    I would expect you to be able to tell me why i should employ you over an active Christian - however, that wouldn;t be an interivew question - you would need to get that into your responses somehow.

    Good Luck.
  3. Oh yes, in my place RE Dept and Worship work hand in hand - would you be willing to be involved in that at all?

    It is the expectation of our staff members (all depts) to lead assemblies attend communion services, lead prayers at end of day etc.

    Are you comfortable with this?
  4. Is it voluntary controlled, or voluntary aided?
  5. Goodness.
    I would be comfortable but would have no clue what to do?....what could I say? I have never been to a church service.

    What do you mean by caught or taught Leviosa?

    Its controlled E.M.

    I usually do well on interviews but not feeling very confident.
  6. If it's a controlled school, they may well follow the locally agreed syllabus, rather than the diocesan one. There may be less focus on the collective worship side of things.

    Either way, you will be asked about supporting the school ethos.
    My experience of teaching RE in a controlled school was pretty much the same as a non faith school, even down to curriculum time (i.e. very little!) Collective worship was delivered by a variety of people (rarely the RE dept) including the chaplain, and we functioned just like any other department - except on less money and staff!
  7. Thanks E.M thats positive. I'll get preparing an answer to the question just in case. I really hope I get it. EEEEK. X
  8. All the best for the interview. In my experience (as former governor of a secondary Church school) non-christians applying for posts in a faith school have often thought of things in a lot more depth that those who are committed christians. Just because a person attends church it does not guarantee that they have fully thought through the dynamics of a faith education. I'd recommend you read Archbishop Rowan's speech to the national society on faith schools in preparation for the interview. You can read this at http://www.archbishopofcanterbury.org/351 Might also to a good idea to take a look at the National Society website. Also be aware that for RE you'd probably be working to a different syllabus to the LEA agreed syllabus; more explicitly Christian etc. All the very best for the interview, hope you get the job, if you want it
  9. The distinction between "caught" or "taught" is a subtle one. Do you become a christian because you are taught the basis of the Christian faith, or do you "soak it up" from your environment? I suspect it's a bit of both but that for young people it is especially important that the environment they are in (in a faith school) is congruent with what they are being taught about Christianity. One would expect it to be caring, loving environment etc, and that through this environment pupils would pick up "christian values" of social justice, personal dignity etc. Might not be a bad idea to go along to the local church near to the school before the interview and attend worship just to get a feel for it.

    Don't get too nervous ... you've been shortlisted so they must like you already. Don't allow yourself to be judged for not attending church, if you feel that, then it is pointless working there. Moreover, if that is how you are left feeling after interview then ask youself whether it's for you.
  10. Just thinking, a lot of kids who attend a faith school are not necessarily religous and a significant minority might rather resent the fact that their parents selected a faith-based education on their behalf. You might therefore be the ideal candidate to work in a faith base school because although you do not pratice Christianity you see the importance of studying the religion and fully understanding it. You might mention some of the values that you yourself have adopted from christianity (unconditional love, importance of forgiveness, tolerance, sense of human dignity and equality etc). I think a cynical child would find RE harder to dismiss if they knew that their teacher was not a practising christian ... play to that strength, might help them see why they would want to appoint a non-practising christian over a practising one
  11. one last thought, admissions policies in faith-based schools have changed so that more and more are encouraged to take pupils from non-faith backgrounds. Complex area, but might be an additional strength for the school to have staff working within it who are supportive of the christian ethos of the school but who are themselves not practising ...
  12. Thanks for all that. I will get practising and hope they like me. Thankyou again xx
  13. jraf - remember it's as much about you checking the school out as the school checking you out, so don't be afraid to ask questions etc. This is one situation where you can't have too much info!

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on. :)

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