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Interview process

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by skellig1182, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    Hi all,

    Just looking for some advice,

    I've had a few interviews this week and some next week.

    There is one school I found through an agency (although it's still going to be a perm/school contract) which I visited before half term and spent an hour or so there being shown around, sitting with the children in class, showing my folders and talking with the head.

    I then had a full trial day and although shared a small session with the class, the head didn't observe and just had some general feeback from the staff. All the feedback was great.

    The school advertised the role on the school website the day I went to visit before half term. The agency have said that because the school have advertised, they need to do a slightly more formal observation and interview next week. The school have said they are not seeing anyone else and really happy with me.

    I don't mind this but it will be the third time I'm going in and it did cost money to prepare all my resources for the last lesson. I'm also turning down other roles because of how much I want this one. It's a lot more money too.

    It's not a temp to perm role so perhaps this is the way it normally is?
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Either the agency and/or school are not being honest with you or - and this is not only entirely possible, but also probable - the school is run by someone who doesn't know that s/he does not have to do those things at all, especially if they've already seen someone in action (and even more especially if you've had a full trial day, etc as you describe).

    Unfortunately for you, even if it is that the head thinks they still have to run an 'interview' process, it doesn't prevent your having to go through it. You have my sympathies!
  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter



    I am a little sceptical about this. They actually don't need to advertise at all, and having advertised can just appoint anyone, including someone who hasn't even applied, yet alone been interviewed.

    We wish you all the best with this interview.

    Don't assume that it's in the bag - they may still decide that you are not exactly what they want, so give it your very best shot! Come to Jobseekers for the Interview advice article links.

    Best wishes - and good luck!

  4. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    Thanks for the support :)

    I pointed this out to the agency and was assured that it's just the schools way of doing it. It crossed my mind that the head didn't get around to observing me yesterday and so wants another opportunity to do so. He had arranged to see me teach a small group yesterday and didn't show.

    I know from past experience that none of this is necessary. Could it be that the school don't realise? Or perhaps the head wants the deputy to be part of the process.

    I'm going to give it a go even though I'm a little pee'd off about it lol.

    The only other thing I had thought about is if the school are pulling a fast one over the agency and trying to get out of their heavy fee for the agency recruitment process.

    I'm sure it will be a little more obvious soon and will keep you all updated!

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