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interview PGCE Secondary

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mry84, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody,
    I have the interview at London Metropolitan University - MFL, Spanish and French - on the 12th July but I am a little confused. They told me to prepare a micro-lesson of 5 minutes. Regarding to this here you are part of the e-mail:

    - you can teach in any language except for English - one lesson only, maximum of 5 minutes;
    - there will not be access to ICT so you will not be able to use a PowerPoint presentation;
    - you should not prepare worksheets;
    - you should focus on Listening and Speaking skills;
    - you can refer to your own notes.

    How can I teach in a creative way if I am not able to use power point or any kind of exercise to give to the group? Is there anybody who attended an interview recentely who can help me?
    If you have any suggestion, write me!!

    Thank you very much!
  2. I'm not an MFL teacher so feel free to ignore my advice, but it sounds as though they are keen to look at your communication skills. At this stage no one will be expecting you to be a fantastic teacher, whipping out the most creative, innovative lesson they have ever seen. The ban on ICT and worksheets tells me that they want to listen to you communicate clearly with them, rather than giving them something to do.
    You could still produce some laminated cards or flashcards to hold up to go along with your 5 mins speaking and listening.

  3. For my money the key thing is to focus very clearly on one specific aspect of language the you want your imaginary students to learn. The important thing is how you organise your ideas and present your short sequence of teaching. Your clarity of thought - or lack thereof - will be the key to success.

    As for resources, please forget Powerpoint and worksheets. These would be inappropriate for any interview lesson, of whatever length, IMHO. Someone once told me one should be able to teach a culturally and linguistically rich lesson with nothing more than a country's postage stamp for a resource

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