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Interview PGCE primary at MMU

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MM30, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    I have an interview at Manchester Met Uni in 2 weeks time for primary PGCE. Has anyone been through the interview process? What was it like and what should I prepare for? I feel this is my last chance to get onto a PGCE for sept 2011 intake, so I want to makesure I do my very very best! Any help would be much appreciated! Thank You.
  2. HI
    sorry i can't help with your query, but i wondered when did you apply to Manchester Met. I applied 2 days ago very late i know. Wondered how long before you heard whether you had an interview
  3. Hiya, I had the interview there in February, it wasn't too stressful a day. The format really was exactly what they said on the letter - group presentations and discussions, individual interview (which lasts 5 minutes and consists of only 3 questions), and a brief written assignment that we were set in advance. They made it as relaxed as possible considering there was a roomful of 30 people whose futures hung in the balance!
    Do be as prepared as possible in terms of reading around educational issues - discussion in the group will be around everyone's presentations so you could be talking about anything, and you will look a fool if you know nothing! (and the issue - hopefully! - won't be pensions!) They can definitely tell if you haven't spent much time in classrooms and/or with children and don't know your stuff, so swot up as much as you can. The TES is good but there's not much about primary teaching in it, so talk to teachers as much as you can and have your own examples from observing children.
    They also want to see that you can hold your own ok in a group discussion whilst not being too dominant, so try to relax and be as confidently normal as you can.
    Finally, don't know if they've told you but they've got an induction day on 7th July, so keep that date free in case you get in...........and GOOD LUCK!!!
    PS Look up Tim Handley, my hero!
  4. Mini spazzolino - what questions were u asked in the 5 min interview?
    Do any of you have any ideas of what I should do my prsentation on? current educational issue? I also have to write an A4 side on "the teacher I want to be" - I was thinking to begin writing about why I want to be a teacher - then about the skills, knowledge and importance of a teacher and then conclude. What do you guys think?

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