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Interview on Wednesday, Reassurance Needed!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by saro87, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. I had an interview at the uni of cumbria at the start of the month and it really isnt as bad as you think the people are very nice make you feel relaxed its not as strict as you would imagine!My interview was only four questions but one thing I would advise is being upto date with the equality act 2010 as i was asked a question on this and in my interview feedback was told to gain knowledge in this area! I was very nervous, forgot my words in my presentation and I got a place!I think if you really have the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm they will see this no matter how you perform and you will be successfuljust remember EVERYONE is just as nervous as you are!!good luck :)))
  2. BTW the literacy task was a response to the jenny moon article! I found this really hard writing an essay with no prep or planning!
  3. Yes I have the same thing!! What was the question?! Thanks x
  4. Something about reflecting on your own experiences and the role of reflection in learning cant remember exactly but it was one of those questions which you couldnt hope to address in the time given i kind of ended up just picking the main points out of jenny moons article to support my arguement, i just made sure i spelt everything right as i think that is what the task is mainly for!I really underestimated this task to be honest its much harder than you think and everyone around you is scribbling away which makes you panic that your not writing enough :/
  5. You're a star. Thank you so much.x

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