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interview on fridayyyyy

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by boyzonefan2011, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone

    I have a teaching assistant interview on friday, this is my 7th interview for a TA job!! i have got through to the last two on all of them and have just been pipped to post on them all, as the other person has experiecne in KS1 or in school. whcih i dont hink is fair as i am never guna get that experience if i dont get the chance!!! I am a nursery nurse of 9 years have my NVQ 2, 3 & 4 my NVQ2 in supporting teaching and learning in schools and a i have been volunteering in a schoo, for past 15 months. I have had great feedback on all of my interviews outstanding aon all its just experience!!! please hlp me get this one, with any helpful questions or tips!!!

    thank you
  2. Hiya
    That is a real bummer as you obviously have all the qualifications and experience that anyone could ever need!
    I think you have to rememeber to be youself and be genuine, what I mean by that is just do what you would do. I know that is hard when you are being observed! I forget what my name is when our HT is observing our class teacher!
    Lots of luck to you am sure you'll get something very soon!

  3. thank you so much

    im not being observed just and interview plus i havent been well so just guna look at my notes, i think it all in my head ne way!!! last ninterview was in april so fingers crossed for 2moro

    thank youuuu xx


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