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Interview Monday....please help

Discussion in 'English' started by serendipity1982, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I've been out of teaching for a year and I have a dilemma over an observation lesson. Basically I've been asked to 'choose a poem of your choice to discuss with the students in your class'. My initial idea was to look at images in the poem about relationships and discuss connotations, then write PEE chains, share and grade. This is it in it's simplest form.

    Or do you think it literally means 'discuss' and talk pretty much discuss it all lesson?

    It seems very vague, but I'm hoping writing about the poem and sharing ideas at the end is ok.

    Any advice would be greatly received. I'm really struggling with what they have asked as I'm unsure what they want.

    Many thanks,
  2. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    This was exactly the brief I had for my last interview. My time limit was 30 minutes, but the person before me went over, so I ended up with 20! Eeek!
    I used 'Back in the playground blues' as I've never known it to fail. It's accessible, the kids empathise with it and there's loads to talk about. You can also download Adrian Mitchell reading it himself.
    I had to do it without whizzy stuff because of the time I'd been left with. Also no setting up time [​IMG]They each got a copy of the poem, then I gave each table an envelope with cut up bits of the poem - they had to find partners - structure.imagery/rhythm/rhyme etc - and feed back on the effectiveness of their section of the poem.
    I got the job. They liked the VAK (spit) element.
  3. This sounds good - thanks for all of the replies so far.

    The situation I am in is that I have been on supply at this school for a couple of months now, know the kids and staff. I'm pretty sure I can go and set myself up in the morning before the lesson which will be a big help.

    I had a good idea when I was there on Thursday and downloaded the school's lesson plan proforma so I'm pretty sure of the elements which they are looking for in the lesson.

    I'll check this poem out gruoch....thank you.

    Do you think then if I teach a lesson like I suggested with review points using discussion then it covers the 'discuss' in the lesson brief. This is what I'm worried about...

  4. manc

    manc New commenter

    'A Martian Sends a postcard home' often generates interesting discussions.

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