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Interview Literacy Lesson - Year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Heath22, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I have an interview on Thursday - its for a Year 2 maternity cover but on the day I have to teach an hour creative literacy lesson to year 1s. I want it to be something fun that both the children and the interviewers will remember. I did think about doing something with the Gruffalo - perhaps reading the story and getting the children to make actions for the animals, and then perhaps making a mask for the gruffalo and acting it out, but cant help thinking someone else may use the gruffalo.

    Recently bought the book The Magic Sky by Lucy Richards, and I think its a lovely story - has anyone used this for any literacy activities? Could do with a point in the right direction, my brain seems to have shrivelled up thinking about it all!!


  2. firecracker

    firecracker New commenter

    If you want to stand out then I wouldn't do the Gruffalo, everyone does it and the kids all know the story anyway !

    how about something like ' it looks like spilt milk' - great for using imagination, also repetitive like the gruffalo but less likely that the children will have seen it !

    leave your email and I will send you a powerpoint I use with it.

  3. Thanks for your help - my email is jellytotheath@hotmail.com Ive not heard of that book before so will perhaps go to a book shop tomorrow!

    I hate interview lessons cos you never know how the children will respond to any of the activities you think of or whether they have done them before or whether you'll make them too hard!

    Thanks for your help, any ideas and inspiration is greatly appreciated!

  4. Hi,
    I have an interview next week and have to teach a literacy lesson, I was thinking about using the Gruffalo too, but want to stand out as well.
    Could you please e-mail me the powerpoint too on 'it looks like spilt milk' (I've never heard of it either).
    My e - mail is rebeccaewilliams@hotmail.com

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