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interview lesson

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by flame108, May 13, 2011.

  1. Nice to see religious harmony being promoted through RE lessons!
  2. It might be quite interesting to take this from a inter-religious conflict angel? I imagine if you went for something like 'Arab-Israel' you'd get bogged down in lots of detail but if you went for something closer to home - Catholic/Protestant conflict in Ireland it could be a little easier?

    Maybe set up a little bit of a case study. Divide the class in two and have a little debate? Set it up like a resolution meeting? really tough mind!
  3. I think that it is one thing to do this with a class you know, but another to take it on for an interview lesson - very challenging
  4. Also, typed that in a rush - wasn't calling you angel...meant to type 'angle' :)
  5. oggs26

    oggs26 New commenter

    any other ideas? i dont even know if looked at causes of war!
  6. Wow, that is so hard. I would focus on Israel/ Palastinian conflict. Stick to visuals - map from memory? Video clip and group work (look on You Tube), Lots of personal response depending on length of lesson. Good luck!
  7. oggs26

    oggs26 New commenter

    I know its hard one for interview lesson thats why I thought Id ask my follow RE teachers for support! I have emailed to ask how long the lesson is as i dont have that information.
    I was wondering if I just looked at reasons for war or do you think that is more like a histroy lesson. Really need a job for september and this school isnt a bad one.
    sorry people any other ideas on what to do? x
    The school is in a very mixed area regarding culture/ religions and Im aware of that too
  8. oggs26

    oggs26 New commenter

    Yep I thought it was abit of a strange topic but then again it meant to be I guess.!
    Challenge from the start lol
  9. Thank you so much having such interest to know about religious affairs. Really a question opens the door of knowledge. You might be pleased to know about education surveys it has all the thing you wish to know. Good luck dear..

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