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Interview - Lesson plan help!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by lisamariegracie44, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. lisamariegracie44

    lisamariegracie44 New commenter


    I am currently completing my PGCE Primary and have been applying for teaching positions in the local area. I have been invited for an interview next week. I have been asked to prepare a 30 minute teaching session for a year three class. I can choose any subject, other than maths.

    I am just wondering what subject I should choose?! Would it be favourable to choose the other two core subjects, or should I choose a subject in the broader curriculum?

    Any advice would be much appreciate :)
  2. mh41st

    mh41st New commenter

    It might be an idea to showcase a lesson which meets one of the learning objectives in the history curriculum. Children seem to like history when it's presented as a narrative which is meaningful to them. Start with a QI fact or question to hook them in: e.g. the anglo-saxons didn't have forks so how did they eat their food? (The Ashmolean site could help).

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