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Interview lesson on A2 photosynthesis

Discussion in 'Science' started by ns324, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. what are your ideas so far? If you tell us what you have, then everyone can give you comments/advice based on that.
  2. Starameth

    Starameth New commenter

    That's the main problem I have no ideas. :( as it's only 25 mins I thought I'd have a word loop to recap what they did at AS 5 mins, talk about the light dependent stage for 5-10mins...and that's where I've faltered. I know my plenary will be a past exam question. But I can't figure out what activity I should get them to do.
  3. If you have not come across the "Biology Coloring Book" by Edward Alcamo, I suggest you source one. For A-level teaching in biology it has some absolutely brilliant pages - who wouldn't want to colour in a kidney nephron, a cell membrane, or DNA replication?
    Each double spread has one page of diagrams to colour, and an adjoining page that has information at a good level of detail that includes instructions of what to colour in as you're reading. Definitely enough to keep them going for 5-10 mins + maybe some independent study after the lesson, and engages different learning styles.
    Good luck.
  4. Masfar

    Masfar New commenter

    The light dependant are pretty complex. I act them out. Draw your membrane with chalk or tape on the floor. Draw on the differenet pumps and photosystems. Give each pupil a label explaining what molecule they are and then run through the cycle of reactions with pupils physically moving around.

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