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Interview lesson ideas requested!

Discussion in 'Geography' started by northern boy, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    25 minute interview lesson with 30 year 7's level 4-5 next week and looking for any activity ideas/tips

    topic is 'impact of recent world events of your choice'

    clearly lots of potential in light of events in the news - currently thinking about having an aim of being able to suggest why impacts of natural hazards in some countries are different to others (leading the pupils to the concept of LEDC/MEDC as key terms and the 'social' aspects of how impacts can vary from country to country depending on the readiness of the country for a natural hazard)

    I like the idea of this as a precise target to cover in 25 minutes but am struggling for a main activity/plenary - having had the pupils locate recent impacts on a world map by way of s starter?

    any input/suggestions welcomed as this is my first interview!

  2. Hello and good luck for next week.
    For a 25minute lesson I would keep things a little simpler than trying to do comparison of MEDC/LEDC with year 7. You could show a short news clip and stem an activity from that depending on what it shows. You could look at impacts of the hazard and perhaps how they affect people differently within that country. Perhaps look at short term and long term effects. Keep your LO simple and include it as part of your plenary so that you can show that it/they have been achieved.

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