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Interview lesson help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by strawberryfields4eva, May 16, 2011.

  1. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter

    Hi all,

    I have an interview coming up in which I have to teach a small group of mixed ability Year 5 children an interactive literacy lesson on the subject of 'The Visitor'. I am racking my brains to try and remember a classic story or film clip which I can use as an original and engaging stimulus in which a visitor is depicted, e.g. their character, appearance etc. Am thinking of using it to write a class character description building on that we have read together.

    Any ideas on a story or film which has a visitor in it?!

    Thanks x

  2. ET? Mary Poppins?
  3. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter

    Thanks fairykitty.

    Any more ideas - particularly a text suitable for year 5 pupils?

    Strawbz x
  4. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? Lucy visits Narnia on her own at the beginning and then they all visit together.
  5. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter

    Thanks Teacher1974,

    the Narnia books are recommended for Year 5 too. Any more ideas anyone?
  6. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I was just thinking outside the box, what about approaching it from a 'Who was our mystery visitor?' guessing from the various clues left behind?
  7. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter

    Hey Lara mfl 05!

    What a great idea! I had't looked at it from that angle but that sounds brilliant, would be like a whodunnit style activity and am sure it would engage the pupils. Perhaps clues that would lead to a familiar storybook character or a celebrity? Or perhaps giving groups of children names of famous characters/ celebrities as mystery visitors and they must write the clues for others to guess?

    With it being an interactive literacy lesson and only being 30 mins, not sure how much writing I can realistically expect pupils to do. I was thinking a 3 part mini lesson - 10 mins intro and modelling, 10-15 mins activity maybe writing on mini whiteboards and 5 mins plenary to share work.

    Do people think this sounds right? Or should I be avoiding any written activity on whiteboards given that it needs to be 'interactive'?

    Aaargh help!!

    Strawbz x
  8. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Surely using whiteboards is being interactive? (As in 'interaction between pupil & teacher')
  9. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter

    Hi Lara mfl 05,

    thanks for your response. I thought having children writing on mini whiteboards was interactive, but I think I have just been thrown by the request of making it 'an interactive literacy lesson' - for me, lessons are always interactive! Sure I'm just overthinking this now ...
  10. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter

    So, here are my main ideas so far. Please could I have your feedback on if you think they will work/ be interactive enough/ WOW enough?
    1. Readand show extract from 'Which Witch' on BBC Learning Clips, in which Eva Ibbotson describes the visit of a villainous witch at a local meeting. I thought we could analyse how the author implies and shows us that she is a bad character by her descriptions. If there was time then to write own brief character descriptions on mini whiteboards and share, changing the descriptions so to change our perception of her. Thought this was a good idea because it uses a visual clip, gets them talking and allows them to write own ideas. Just worried about time and if they 'get it'.

    2. Read an extract from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, in which Hagrid comes to Uncle Vernon's house to fetch Harry. This is the extract which uses onomatopoeia to show how he is a might, giant of a man arriving at the house. Thought they could continue on in the styleof the author to decide who the visitor could be. Downsides are that they may recognise the text and just describe agrid. Also, is it exciting enough/ visual etc?

    3. Provide children with clues of a mystery visitor/s and they must work in pairs/ groups to read descriptions and decide who the visitor/ s is/ are? Or reverse this adn ask them t write own mystery visitor descriptions for us to decode?
    What do you think? Which one sounds the most effective/ exciting? Also, does anyone have any alternative ideas??
    Thank you,
    Strawbz xx
  11. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter

  12. A teacher just came to give an interview lesson in my class of Year 5s. Her lesson was to do with adverbs but she used Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as the text. It went down REALLY well (with the head teacher, me and the kids).The children are now asking for a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory theme party when they fill the marble jar!
    You could do your lesson from the perspective of Charlie being a visitor at the factory..feelings, thoughts, senses, adjectives, complex sentences, alliteration - take your pick!...a descriptive piece???
    Good luck!
  13. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter

    Thank you jumping4joy!
    So glad to get a reply, and it is a really exciting idea! I love the idea of using this text as a starting point and like you said, the children were very engaged by it. Could also show a clip from one of the films as a starting point to engage visual learners...
    Any more ideas?? Or feedback on my original ones?
    Strawbz xx
  14. PS. i like your 'mystery visitor' idea too. You could focus on riddles and them decoding them. You could include a 20 questions type game...and have some actually props for them to look at/touch/feel/hold which were clues as to who the visitor is/was. (Fungus the Bogey Man and you could have green slime??)
  15. Hiya,
    The teacher at the interview particularly focussed on the bit when the visitors were in the chocolate room. I think it was a good idea as my class were VERY interested in all the sweets. She also gave them a problem, saying that the Oompa Loompas had blocked the bridge and Charlie, etc couldn't cross it. How would they get to the other side of the choc river (bcos ***** Wonka said humans couldn't go in the river) The teacher showed the children pictures of candy canes and other sweets and gave them some thinking time. They were very inventive..using bubble gum as a sling shot, hot air balloon, candy cane as stilts...not sure it fits into your remit for your interview, but it worked well...

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