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Interview lesson for Art and Design - Year 10 - Any ideas please?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by SarLouW, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. SarLouW

    SarLouW New commenter

    Hi there Student Teacher looking for some guidance.

    I have been given a brief for a job interview about what I am expected to deliver to 15 Year 10 pupils.

    Lesson Obs Title: In the 2014 GCSE Art exam paper there was a question titled “Fragments” as follows:

    You should make connections with appropriate sources when developing your personal response to one of the following suggestions.

    (a) Develop your own interpretation of the starting point Fragments.

    (b) You could create work inspired by a fragment of a story, film or piece of music.

    (c) You might explore fragmented views of your surroundings.

    Adapt this idea to teach a one off one hour lesson to a mixed ability year as detailed above.

    Can anyone offer some ideas please? I have considered Cubism, however I am sure that this might be too KS3 for them. I have also considered Takahiro Portraiture, however, I feel that they are asking me to demonstrate examples of all three - should I make exemplars for all three? or narrow it down?

    I like the idea of them listening to a piece of music (no vocals) and responding to it.

    I have an hour to produce this.
    Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

    For you to consider:

    Bear in mind that in an interview lesson, you want something that will:
    • take very little time to set up
    • minimises use of ICT as you don't know the school's systems
    • engages ALL students - must show clear differentiation and progression
    Interviews are not the time to:
    • try something new
    • show off your teaching - show off the student's learning
    Based on what you have said:
    • Cubism is a good choice with a wealth of material out there
    • You could take some famous "fragment" inspired art work, cut them up and use as a starter to music for students to reconstruct the images
    • Introduce critical, contextual studies based on your topics and a little bit of reflection/writing
    • Then main tasks with fast media to construct quick work i.e. chalk and charcoal to music in the main activity
    • Peer assess against GCSE criteria
    I don't want to suggest too much, as the idea should come from you and be delivered in a way you feel confident.

    It is an hour's lesson, so it may be better to concentrate on doing one thing really well rather than dilute your efforts trying to do too much. It also reduces the preparation.
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