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Interview lesson and no topic given. Help!

Discussion in 'English' started by Honeychile74, May 17, 2012.

  1. Honeychile74

    Honeychile74 New commenter

    Morning all, I have recently finished a long-term Supply contract and am delighted to announce that I have an interview at a new school next Monday. I will be teaching a Year 9 middle set class, but the topic has been left open for me. Now in my last school I had two middle set Yr 9 classes and the ability range varied widely. I am a little apprehensive about this as I have absolutely no idea what the class has covered before and am worried about pitching the lesson too high/low.

    There are lots and lots of ready made resources on TES, now my dilemma is, do I use one of those or create my own lesson from scratch? I would usually create my own lesson, but it seems silly to try and 'reinvent the wheel' when there are so many great resources available.

    I also can't decide on the topic, I'm thinking of something current, perhaps the Titanic as it has been 100 years since it sank.Or perhaps a Media/ Non-fiction task. The lesson is only a 25 minute one so I need one or two tasks that will get the pupils' creative juices flowing. If anyone has any suggestions/advice I would be extremely grateful.I want something super-duper to ensure that I get this job!
  2. Don't worry about they've done before- choose what you're best at, and pitch it slightly higher than middle ability. Be sure to include a snappy starter, a clear but brief plenary in which you can show the watching VIP that the kids have learned or at least remember something you've said, and include opportunities for discussion, reading and writing. In my experience, the novelty of a stranger at the front and a senior teacher sitting in usually ensures that the class listen and cooperate. Let us know what you've chosen, and how you get on. Chin up and good luck.
  3. I agree - try to do something that gets their attention at the start and - hopefully - the students will then be on your side. This will help! Good luck :7 )

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