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interview in grammar school

Discussion in 'History' started by oldgreywolf, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. My experience of teaching at this level was that most teaching was very boring - because it could be. None of the kids were about to kick off and on the remote chance that any did, parental pressure brought them straight back into line or they were out the door.
    So as long as your observed lesson isn't boring, you'll stand out.
    The kids I taught were able and willing to research around a topic once it was introduced.
    Do you know what will be available IT-wise? If the kids were on laptops for example, you could introduce a topic and task them with making a three-minute presentation. They're likely to have finished their scheme of work by now and be looking for something to tide them over - so introducing a bit of internet-based research, say on using old maps to look at the area around school / their own home areas, gives you the chance to show off with the interactive whiteboard.
    www.old-maps.co.uk is a good resources for this.
    This one site would allow a research topic based on creating a presentation on how maps show transport changes + population growth. Google streetview could be used to show any factories, canal/bridges etc that are still standing.
    I'd have thought L5-7 is fine, there will be some who are off the radar completely though.
    Have fun!
  2. sparklyeyes

    sparklyeyes New commenter

    Thanks for the reply Wolf, I know what I am doing in my lesson. I am sending you a private message about it, hope that's ok.
  3. So bog standard comps have thick kids, and fee paying private schools don't? Grammar or not, do think about what you are doing!!!!!
  4. Hi their sparkly eyes, i am currently applying for History jobs at the moment, could you please help meout with interview question/answers and teaching strategie for interview lessons.


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