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interview help - year 1 - 2d/3d shape lesson

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by eenie, May 18, 2008.

  1. am bumping this up as really need some advice!

  2. Hi you could get them to work in teams to make shapes with their bodies. e.g. when i did it they were in teams of 4 I would say make a circle etc. and they had to work as a team to make it. They found pentagon quite hard. Was interesting to see which children could actualluy visualise the shape (not as many as i thought would)
    Obv you need alot of space for this so don't know how practical, but idea to get you going. hope it helps.
  3. thank you!
  4. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    You should be starting with what you want them to learn, not how you can occupy them. What will be your teaching point? How will you ensure all children learn?

    And that question about whether you should move them off the carpet...!!!

  5. I am very worried about how an interview is going to go, as i am totally unsure of what to expect so excuse me if i dont come across using all of the right phrases.
    What i meant was in an interview lesson, would you normally be expected to do group/individual work as well as a carpet session.
    I gave all the information that they gave me and that was what left me confused.
    I thought this forum was supposed to be supportive, not distainful.
  6. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    You (and others who are equally clueless when asked to do one, shortened lesson) need to realise that I'm not the only headteacher who comes on TES. How do you know I'm not the one who set the task?

    We set these tasks for interview to find out who can plan and deliver by themselves. If we're 'disdainful' (note spelling), it's because we're increasingly concerned that some ITT students want to get jobs they clearly aren't capable of doing by themselves.
  7. I can understand that, it is just that as i said, i feel very nervous about this, and in that situation it is difficult to always come across in the correct way.
    I felt this website was an annomymous place to come and talk about things that worry me in a time of pressure, and hopefully get some support. I have shared many ideas with people throughout my course, and was happy to do so.
    I am sorry you feel i am incapable from the impression you have of me on this forum. Both my SE and university tutors hold me in high regard. I am just lacking confidence sometimes and that is why i posted.
    Appologies also for any spelling mistakes, and also if i offended you. that was not my intention.
  8. Have been thinking about what you said and i agree that it is naive to think that the headteachers will not be on this site, and you are right,it needs to be something to show what i know.
    I just need to have faith in what i do know and trust my own ideas, rather than always asking for help.
    So thank you, you have helped me see things clearer.
  9. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Good for you! Think about the lessons you've been teaching on practice that have worked particularly well, and think about why they went well. You should be able to adapt the principles to another activity.

    Remember - start from what you want them to have learned by the end and make that very clear to the observer. Make clear how you know they have learned it (using simple thumbs up or down to check understanding as you go along is a fast and easy way of doing this).

    The other reason for not taking an idea someone on here gives you - and I'm addressing other ITT students seeking jobs here - is that it's possible one of the other candidates you are up against at interview will also use it.
  10. I just happened to be looking through this to have a look at what others might do in lessons as I believe it keeps you on your toes coming up with new and exciting ideas. Surely the best thing if someone has developed a particularly good idea for a lesson plan is that you share it with other teachers. We are after all, working towards the same goal in educating and keeping things exciting and inventive in the classroom. I understand that this is an old thread but can not believe the comments made by a head. This is the sort of attitude that have put some of my teaching friends off continuing. I think you are quite within your rights to ask for help and advice when going for a job interview as situations such as this are never the same as teaching your own class and I know of several occasions where teachers have been passed up on interview due to nerves etc where teachers who perform well in that half an hour have been appointed but not a particularly successful appointment. Instead of pulling down comments such as this and insulting candidates by calling them clueless, wouldn't your job as a head be to support? This candidate took this as a positive thing, but I think you need to be wary of negative comments as this could really damage the confidence of potentially excellent teachers.
  11. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Did you not read all that I said? Asking for ideas on here is a bad thing to do for a range of reasons. I also offered supportive comments, but you clearly couldn't be bothered to read that far down the page.
    And given how hard teaching is, if my being tough on here is 'off-putting' you won't last long in the job. You're all grown ups - toughen up a bit.

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