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Interview help!!!!!! -not had job since July

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by amelie1005, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I wanted to do Walking Jungle
    for an interview lesson, it is only 20 minutes. Has anyone done this
    with their reception class or as an interview lesson before? I have small finger puppets for the animals in the story.
    Othwerise I thought I could do Jaspers Beanstalk, reading the story and then get the children to pretend to be beans, starting to grow once Jaspers goes through the motions.
    would also like to do a plan of activities plus extension activities
    etc....different areas of learning for follow up activities that I can
    talk about in the interiew.

    I have completed an NQT year but have not had a job since July so feeling a little bit out of practice!!!!!!!!!

    Any suggestions for the lesson appreciated!!!!!!

    Does anyone have a general blank lesson plan? Things lost on my computer so not sure how to do it!!!

    Amelie [​IMG]
  2. Have they given you any criteria? like a specific area of learning or learning objective?
    And have you looked in the resource section? There is a section for stories in the EYs, CLL section. There are also lots of planning formats.
    For my current post (that I started this term) , I had to teach a half hour lesson with a "writing" focus. I used some of the ideas I found on here for "Dear Zoo" and adapted them for "Dear Santa". (as my interview was near Christmas)
    If you come back with an objective or area of learning I may be able to help you more.
    (I had also not had a job since July, so understand how this can affect your confidence)
  3. All the letter said was to do a 20 minute lesson. I'd like to do one of those stories ad
    I'm familiar with them. I guess I'd like a cll objective so my idea was to read story, then reread it getting children to pretend to be beans growing while jasper goes through the motions!
    Any more suggestions great!

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