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Interview help for PSHE position

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by VDL, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. VDL


    It is hard to question spot without knowing the context of the school. Do they see you as more of a careers co-ordinator etc. However I would spend some time lookng at the key stage criteria from the national curriculum and to have in your head the sort of things that might be age appropriate.
    Look at some of the free resources available on line so you have a clearer idea about what is available. www.nationwideeducation.co.uk/ is my current favourite for KS3 particularly; though it does assume easy IT access. NatWest also have a really well developed financial literacy scheme.
    Look at the PSHE Association website for more ideas.
    If you think they are going to look more at the careers side you need to establish what the current provision is so you aren't just repeating ideas that are in fact already in place.
    If it is a drop down day looking at enterprise you need to look for some providers/Dragons den type activities. If it is over a longer period look at things like young enterprise http://www.young-enterprise.org.uk/resources/PSHEKS3.pdf
    These are self-protective measures so you know what you might be taking on so can agree/disagree from there. Good Luck.
  2. Thanks for that VDL, I've looked at a lot of the resources on the PSHE association website - there's so much to look at!
    It's less careers and more enterprise and financial capability to plan activities for off timetable days and also help to embed it cross curricular.
    I have lots of ideas for activities but am just worried i'll get asked questions I haven't prepared for - usual anxieties really before an interview.

    I will take on board your advice
  3. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter

    I got asked:
    What would you change about the existing long term plan?
    What do you know about the National Curriculum in PSHE and Citizenship?
    A difficult situation you have overcome?
    Your most proud teaching moment?
    But the real clincher was taking along some visuals/photos of stuff I had already done in my career (e.g. trips, extra-curricular events) and talking through them in a really positive light.
    Just try to be ultra enthusiastic, SMILE and make it clear you want to make a difference. Those things are difficult to ignore.
  4. feelinhappy2day

    feelinhappy2day New commenter


    i had mine on Thursday which was OK- they have changed ours to a DTL role so they asked me what made a good DTL. I was also asked about what direction I wanted to take with the role and I talked about a spiral curriculum (which they appeared to love) and the idea od building on the foundations each year and revisiting all the topics. They also asked about what things I would intend to be in a year 7,9 and 11 curriculum and how I thought that they would look different.
    They also asked about the general plan I would take if i got the job.
    I said (like a mini development plan)
    1) audit all done so far (resources and meet DTLs of all subjects to see if they cover things already in their subject)
    2) cross check this with what the syllabus' say
    3) figure out if depts can deliver anything that we are not doing already
    4) Look at using our FLD (flexible learning days- all pupils opt into different things e.g. fitness groups, self confidence workshops, careers advice etc etc) to cover aspects of the course.
    5) student voice (very big again at the mo) asking pupils what they like, enjoy, think needs to be improved
    6) plan of action for each year and who is responsible for delivering it
    7) seek external agencies that may help
    8) constant assessment
    9) using staff meetings and twlights to help staff feel confortable delivering aspects of teh course
    unsure if thats the kind of thing that you will be doing but it worked for me!
    hope that helps?
    oh just remembered I am sure that they will ask about assessment and pupil tracking! so figure out how you are going to be able to track everything - what works for you


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  5. LawCitizenshipPHSE

    LawCitizenshipPHSE New commenter

    Thanks this is great. Can I ask what a spiral curriculum is please?

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