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Interview for teaching assistant at secondary school

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by tarawara29, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. tarawara29

    tarawara29 New commenter


    I have an interview for a teaching assistant position at a high school and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect as this is first interview in a long time and first in a school .

    I have read that some people are asked to prepare tasks but I haven't been asked this? Are you asked this in advance or do they put you on the spot on the day? They did not tell me to bring or prepare anything?

    They only told me to arrive at 8:45 and will last till around 1pm . They said I will look around the school meet the staff and children.

    Anything I could be asked or interview questions that really threw you? Thanks for your help
  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I used to interview prospective candidates for TA posts . We used to give them scenarios and ask them to respond. We used to ask about their strengths and skills. We used to ask if attendance at school was just about exam success ? So we were looking for folk who acknowledged that supporting and helping to develop wider character traits were as important as supporting learning and academic performance . We were also looking for folk who were flexible, adaptable , took initiative and knew what effective teaching and learning strategies looked like . We were looking for colleagues who could be responsive and deployed in a number of key roles in classroom and accountable . We did not set tasks then but I am sure there are schools which do. Observers will be keen to see how you interact with the students. Literacy skills may be under the microscope. Hope this helps. Am sure other posters will contribute
  3. fishcake

    fishcake New commenter

    Go on the school's website and read their safeguarding information. There will always be a question about this. Also read up about pupil premium and EHCP (education and healthcare plans - has replaced statements) .

    Something you might ask them - how many students have SLPs ( used to be IEPs, in our school now called student learning plans, but this may vary from school to school).

    Good luck!

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