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Interview for TA (primary) Literacy and numeracy tests!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Bolnore, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. I have an interview for my local primary School, the whole thing is going to last 3 hours! (from lunchtime until 4pm!) It includes the normal elements but also a testing section! Literacy and Numeracy! I am in a panic over this, my spelling is not as good as it could be and I have not done maths since school properly! Can anyone give me an idea of what type of test this may be? And where I can go to practise and improve.
  2. dimitrakont

    dimitrakont New commenter

    www.move-on.org.uk/testyourskills.asp http://www.usethisurl.com/

    These are good links and you could find more online. I had gone through this twice. Once by a college for Level 1 and now by the school I was applying for which must have been Level 6 or 600 (hehe) because maths was a bit tricky if you haven't revised at all. During the 3hours they could ask you to sit with a group during an activity, do duty etc. They will be looking at the way you act around children, whether you support or not etc. Tests don't take more than 20min each and it depends. The literacy could be a spelling and grammar test or it could be a scenario to write down how you would re-act. Be confident and professional. If you have enough days, do a good practice. There are lots of resources online. I am sure you'll do great ;)
  3. I had literacy and numeracy tests in my first TA interview, they weren't too bad, the whole thing lasted about an hour. I revised KS2 BBC bitesize for Maths and English online. In the literacy it was a short spelling test, answering questions from an article, writing a short report and maths was listening to a tape with questions and the other part was just answering questions from a question sheet, the questions were pretty straight forward.

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