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interview for TA post in a RC school

Discussion in 'Primary' started by thumbshrew, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. I expect they know from your application whether or not you are a Catholic. If you are not, don't worry, they are still interviewing you! Just make it clear that you are prepared to support and respect the Catholic ethos of the school and are willing to learn about the faith as you go along by asking questions and taking advice as necessary. They might ask about what you would expect from a Catholic school and how you would support it, for instance children attending mass, and learning and saying prayers during the day etc., expressing and learning about their faith in various ways, and living their faith in their school lives. If you are a Catholic, they will expect you to know stuff in more detail, such as having some ideas about Sacramental preparation.
  2. Hi Thumbie, thanks very much for your reply!! I'm not a catholic, so they must have seen something they liked!!
    Maybe they won't ask me anything about that, not sure!!
    Well nervous, just don't know what they're going to ask!
    The post is to support SEN, but doesn't say age of child, or give any specifics about the child.
    What questions on SEN would u expect?
    Thank you
  3. NQT88

    NQT88 New commenter

    From what I've been told by TA's who've gone for similar positions (though not in a catholic school) you'll be asked a little about what you know about SEN children (though you won't be expected to know a great deal) and they might give you some questions related to how you would react in certain situations (just use your common sense).
    All schools are different but I wouldn't panic too much you're just there to sell yourself now.
  4. Hi, I work at a RC school at ours they ask 'What do you think will be different about working at a catholic school?'- whatever you do just don't say 'nothing will be different'. They are basically just checking that you know that the religious dimension will have a higher profile at the school via prayers, services, celebrating feast days, link to priest, RE teaching being core & that it permeates the whole school's ethos & being and that you would be very willing to support it. You do not have to be catholic or christian but just be prepared to support the ethos but obviously being v open about being agnostic/atheist etc wouldn't go down that well!! In my experience they are not overly bothered by what you believe as long as it's not totally at odds with the school's beliefs and as long as you are happy to work at a catholic school they will be very happy to have you.
    I expect they will also ask about your SEN experience & about experience dealing with parents so always good to have a 'spiel' up your sleeve about those things!
    Best of luck- let us know how you get on!!

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