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Interview for TA - Additional Needs

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by scbird, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. I am pleased to say I have an interview shortly for TA - Additional Needs. Interview includes working with group of children for 30 mins on a "planned task". Has anyone done anything similar? Any ideas what it may involve? Obviously I am doing lots of research, but it's a huge area. Any advice most welcome![​IMG]
  2. Nope..but good luck. I am HT at a small school with a lot of SEN and AN. The main problems you are likely to encounter will show themselves as short concentration span, literacy/numeracy issues and lack of confidence. I always say the most important thing is a bit of empathy and a lot of persuasive techniques. Help the students break down any tasks into manageable sections. Literally writing word by word phrase by phrase etc. Lots of praise and encouragement for any attempt to do the task. Don't get confrontational with them ever. If a student has a wobble, back off give them space and let them calm down. If neccessary remove them from the situation so that they can get their composure back and then try again. Soft voice....

    Best of luck
  3. Thanks that's brilliant advice. That's reassured me I was thinking along the right lines anyway. [*]
  4. Break it down but also encourage independence and to have a go - that's what we'd be looking for.

    Take labels with you to stick on kids with their names to help you remember them. You can get them to write them on if you want - might give you an idea who needs more help than others. Don't forget to introduce yourself as well - I've seen teachers forget to do that in interview tasks. Sit yourself nearest any who look like they might need a closer supervision or move them around if necessary. (If you're sitting - if not keep moving around - any who are off task move closer to before you say anything - often physical proximity is enough to redirect without saying anything.) Lots of proximal praise (kids nearby doing right thing getting praised), praise for target behaviour, encouragement, clear and firm instructions. Don't be afraid to ask about the children's needs before you meet them - informed is better than not.

    Hope that helps. Good luck.
  5. Brilliant, thanks for all the tips.

    Great idea to take stickers!!

    Will let you know how it all goes ...
  6. I've got a similar interview this Thursday, although mine is for 20 minutes with a group of about 8 children. I spoke to my KS1 leader about it and she suggested I need to have a planned LO and work the session around that. I've chosen a book 'Shiny new Shell' and have some shells of my own as tactile references. My LO is that we should share what we have with our friends and through this we can be happy working together as a team.
    Hope this helps and good luck with your interview

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