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Interview for school in Abu Dhabi.. Advice?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by princessbubbleygum, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I have my first international interview for a private school in Abu Dhabi next wednesday, is the interview process the same as a normal school interview in England? Do they have questions based solely on your knowledge of the country? Any response from people with experience of international interviews would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    Which school is it for? PM me :)
  3. I have only had one international job interview, it was for a school in AD and I got it so I guess I answered the questions with the 'right' answers!
    Was given an overview about the history of the school and it past successes, about Abu Dhabi in general
    I was asked...
    • Why I was looking to move overseas
    • Top three things I love about my job, one thing I disliked
    • If they walked up to my class with me how would they expect to see me start the class
    • What have I done to ensure all students in my class make good progress
    • Was asked something about homework... don't remember the exact question but remember thinking I was glad I had taken some example work.
    • Think I was asked about general classroom management
    I asked
    • Make up of the school - nationality of the students and turnover of staff
    • Top three things she loved about her school and one thing she disliked (Remember thinking that was a stupid/cocky question as soon as I had started asking it but the interviewer just smiled and she answered... thankfully!!)
    Things I took with me for the interview
    • Schemes of work I have written & related work
    • Examples of AFL
    • Analysis of exam results - had removed the student names.
    • Examples of subject reports
    • Whole school projects I had led and been involved in
    Whole process lasted about 40/50 mins. At the end of it felt really confident that if I were offered the job I would accept.
    Hope that helps, good luck!
  4. Wow Thank You!
    Thats great advice. Will certainly take some examples of work in with me :) x

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