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Interview for SCE schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by pixiepie, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Hey, I wondered if we have anyone in this forum that has an interview for NQT / primary / early years pool for 2012? Germany specifically.

    I have my interview in March @ London (date tbc) - nervous & very excited at the same time. It's such a wonderful opportunity!

    I've read up lots on this forum about SCE schoos/interviews. But any other tips & advice would be welcomed gratefully :)

    best wishes,

    PP x
  2. Hi Pixiepie,

    I received my email today about an early years interview in Germany in April/May. Have also been reading the various threads but would love more recent advice! Have you had any more information yet? I only know I have an interview and am teaching 30mins of numeracy.

    Egg x
  3. Hi there! Thanks for replying I was beginning to think it was just me this year hah. First of all, congratulations on your interview, one big hurdle jumped over :) Wow so you're off out to Germany, fabulous! Mine is London, so I'm not sure if I'll be teaching or just interviewed. Is yours for the EY pool then? I haven't had anymore info yet, I've sent my confirmation email back and I was told that they'd be in touch with further details. Now I keep checking my inbox regularly, hoping to hear something! 30 minutes of numeracy should be good, you probably know this but i'll say it anyway, a lot of it is watching how you interact with the children and seeing your demeanour..obviously needs to be a great lesson to. I would suggest googling "ofsted outstanding maths lessons" or something and pick up some tips :) early years so lots of role-play and making it fascinating and getting their little imaginations working overtime! PP x
  4. Hi there, yes I've been told it is the 13th :) I just found out this afternoon. It's going to be exciting me travelling on the tube for the first time. Disaster waiting to happen!?
  5. Hello!

    How did everyone's interview go?

  6. Messaged ya :) x
  7. I have no idea how mine went really as it was my first interview and I was quite nervous. I think I'm happy with what I said though. Can't wait to hear! xx
  8. Messaged you as well :) How exciting to know we were there on the same day! Best of luck hun xx
  9. Hwe did your interview go, hope it went well xxx

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