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Interview for Reception Teaching Post

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by copymedo, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Hiya,

    Don't be nervous!! I was in your position last year - specialised in KS2 and went for a Reception job.. got it, and now I absolutely LOVE it!
    6 Children is not much - I wouldn't just dive right in to the task I'd do a miniminimini intro and plenary.. I've just done Easter with my class, I did a number of things, one thing they could do that my kids absolutely LOVED and really captured their imagination was I discussed the Easter Bunny - saying that some people think that if you make a nest for the Easter bunny then the bunny will come along to your nest and leave you some eggs!
    The kids were beside themselves asking if we could make our own nest, so I set them the challenge and got them to use their brains - what would we need to make a nest (I had a big selection of things for them to use that I could just pull out once they'd decided, straw, wool, twigs, wool etc etc) and then just let them see where their imagination took them.. the plenary was discussing where was the best place to leave the nest for the bunny to find it, they settled on the book corner and also decided the bunny might like to read and play some instruments while he visited so left those out too - they even put a talking tin in the corner to 'catch' him playing the instruments!

    You could do something along those lines.. during lunch I popped to get them some mini eggs to put in the nest and I recorded some music on the talking tin, then left a trail of gold glitter with bunny foot prints from our door to the nest.. they were very excited!!
    You could always leave some mini eggs with the teacher and get them to do the same just so you can show you're thinking of the children even when you're not there :p

    Good luck!! :D

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