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Interview for National SCITT Primary 2010

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by forest_firs, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. <font face="Calibri">Oh my god I&rsquo;m so scared.... I was expecting it to be weeks before I even heard back and thought if I was invited for interview it would be with plenty of notice. But I got the invitation today for an interview on 13th october!!! I&rsquo;m not ready! Anyone who has also heard back or been to an interview for this course on a previous year, I&rsquo;d love to hear from you. And anyone going to interviews for this or applying to this course from here on please join in too.</font>
  2. Hey forest firs! When did you send your application? I've applied for National SCITT too and to be invited for interview on 13th October seems mega soon - scary!!!! I got my welcome letter from gttr on 29th Sept, so wondering how long it might be til I hear something!! I'm so impatient :) Baggins PS best of luck for the interview (I shall be eagerly awaiting any tips too)
  3. thats soooo exciting!! Im still waiting for my reference, its 3 weeks now! im getting annoyed! how long after you applying did you get your interview?
    good luck
  4. I sent my application on 16th september, got welcome letter 3 days later and got this interview invitation today so it was all very quick. Not at all what I was expecting. I'm really scared, need to buy the TES paper tomorrow and read obsessively!
    Good luck both of you, especially with getting your reference Isanders, I feel for you because I know you were ready with your application at the same time as me. Have you had any reply from your referee? Just be warned as well, Nottingham Uni have asked me to get my 2nd referee to send a reference before the interview date. Apparently most places don't bother asking for 2nd references so thought I'd let you know.
  5. hello both of you! I'm on the SCITT at the moment in one of the wirral schools, getting in for interview early is great it means you have a much better chance of getting your first day. I'm loving the course so far and can honestly say at interview just be yourselves, do some reading on issues in teaching andthink about why you have chosen the SCITT and your age group and you will be fine. If you really want to be a teacher and your the sort of person to put in the hard work it will be fine! Good luck its a great course!
    s x
  6. Thanks for the info! I trust my second more than my first! im just worried cuz as the post above said the earlier the better and im worried my schools will be gone!!
    just be yourself and you will be fine!
    good luck!
  7. sarahjoanned - thanks for this advice. Good to know you're really enjoying it already. I'm still dithering about the age range for some reason... think I'm going for KS1&2. Overall more of my experience has been with foundation and KS1 than KS2 but I don't know if I'd like to be a foundation teacher, which makes it a bit pointless specialising in it, and I didn't focus my personal statement to early years. What are you doing?

    Isanders - I promise I'm not going for Nottingham schools (unless I decide, as I'm already living here, to put one as a 3rd 'emergency' choice which I hopefully won't need) so you're safe from me at least! And I can't imagine there will be many people at this first interview day. When I looked at this course before applying in January for 2009 there were still quite a few schools left and interviews going on.
  8. I've had the most horrible day so far and it's starting to look sickeningly like I won't be able to go to this interview. I'm trying to sort out replacements for my lost gcse certificates. Should have been so simple - i sent the appropriate application forms in plenty of time - but there has apparently been some stupid admin error causing one of them (who has my maths and science certificates) to reply saying they don't have my results when I KNOW they do. I've spent ages unsuccessful trying to get through on the phone, and I think it's going to take a lot longer than the time I have left before 13th october to get these certificates which I need to take with me... Think all I can do is email the university pleading my case and hope they take pity on me and say I can give them my certificates when they arrive but I can't see why they'd let me do that :(
  10. Thanks for your support Isanders. I'm still going mad with worry because I can't see the universiy giving me special allowances when everyone else has to take the correct documentation and they would have to go on pure faith that I've passed my gcses... but it's definately worth a try!

    Anyway, for my preparation, can anyone give me some even very general pointers for current educational issues? I know from a forum search this subject has been covered loads but I want to make sure I have up-to-date information. I've got several websites to look through - national curriculum, primary strategy, Every Child Matters, ELS etc - but there is so much, I don't know where to start or what to remember as vital information! Guess the SATS issue is very important too but I'm worried about mentioning it as although I don't agree with the exams I don't feel I have the knowledge to offer alternative suggestions.

    The interview information states that only the English test will be used to help make decisions on applicants and the maths and science tests are only for guidance, but does anyone who has done them know how difficult they are? I don't want to look a total idiot even if officially the results won't affect my application. It says they will test knowledge "appropriate to KS1 and KS2" so hopefully this means they won't be at gcse level.

  11. Hey forest firs, don't worry too much about your certificates - just plead your case, I'm sure they'll be sympathetic, they may just have to give you a conditional offer that's all.
    I'd stick with the big issues for your interview ECM, Nat Curr (how its going to change), Primary Strategy, inclusion is always a biggie! Don't worry about all the ins and outs of SATs, not even the department for education knows how to puzzle that little conundrum out so i'm sure they won't expect a prospective trainee to offer alternatives!!
    I'd maybe pick one other stand out issue that doesn't come under these main issues as well, something that interests you and that you feel strongly about. A bit of enthusiasm and opinion are always good in my view! Have a look in the TES and Ed Guardian and see what the 'hot' topics are.
    Good luck with the certificates! Still eagerly awaiting my response (fingers crossed!)
    Baggins x
  12. Thanks so much Baggins.
    I feel better after finding in the information they sent me the statement that certificates should be provided "at or shortly after the interview stage". So hopefully my promise to send them asap afterwards will be ok.
    On to reading about teaching issues then. Annoying when I have a full-time (very boring) office job and get into trouble if I use the internet during the day for non-work things... and they don't know I've even applied for PGCE so I definately can't look at any of this stuff there!
  13. you must be sooo relieved! Im so pleased for you!! now you can focus on the prep!! have you decided on age range? Because if you have choosen foundation/ks1 you should take a gander at the movement from the curriculum for the foundation station and birth to three in to the EYFS!! I went to the education day on sat in london and was told there is a huge rise of SEN cases in school in the past 10 years so SEN and inclusion is a good one!!
    good luck x
  14. Cool, thanks for that. I'm going for KS1/KS2 because I don't want to miss out on KS2 and suppose I can always ask to do a bit of experience in foundation if I want.
    I'm even more relieved today - I got a reply from them saying the most important paperwork is the forms of identification and that certificates can wait till after. Yipee!! So glad that dark cloud has past. Has your application all been sent off now Isanders?
  15. yeah all got sent off on friday so just waiting for all the rest of the stuff!! So that makes two of us feeling relieved :)
    Do you have to do a presentation or anything or just the audits and the interview? do you have a bit of excitement creeping in now??
    Thats a good option! Im going for the other, more experince and really really love that age :)
    keep us updated
  16. yeh mine went of on friday afternoon so just waiting for all the post confirmation etc! so that makes two of us who feel relieved!! Its a good choice with the ks, more jobs really! im going for the other cuz i have so much more experince with the age and do love it!!
    are you getting abit excited about it all mixed in with the nurvous?? do you have to do a presentation or just the audits and interview?
    keep us all updated! and im sending you huge amounts of luck :)
  17. Thank you, that's really nice of you especially as we're applying for the same course!
    I don't have to do a presentation. It's actually the nicest, or at least best suited to me, form of interview day I've come across. There's a 30 minute individual (yay!) interview, 3 half-hour exams (and only the English one matters for the application) and 30 minutes of "admin", I guess because we have to take so much paperwork and probably go through which school we want to train at etc.
    The whole thing is only supposed to be about 3 hours and as far as I understand, we find out on the day if we're successful at that stage and can have a school interview. I'll give you all the details next week. I really hope you hear back soon!
  18. Individual WOOHOO!!!!!! i had a group one last year and it was one of the most vile experience of my life!!!
    hearing back on the same day thats bril!! i had to wait 4 weeks to find out i was rubbish lol!
    I have never really been the kind of person to push people put the way for what I want, you want this as much as me and we are kinda in this together!
    As I said keep us up to date!
  19. Forest Firs- I totally agree with you! being so competive just doesnt work in a school! you need to be able to play as a team and not pushing everyone out the way!!
    I am simle- i wish is was having my interview but ive only just got my welcome letter! Forest Firs is the lucky one with her interview! She can get it over with!
    But to answer both about clothers!! If I am lucky to get an interview I am wearing high waisted trousers, a very thin pin stripe! I have been saving them, just bought them and refusing to wear them to work as i dont want paint on them lol, its then a toss up to a white top pr a shirt, tucked in and this really cute jacket from Monsoon, again saved! it is smart but its not a matching suit or anything! I think what you wear needs to be smart but cumfy for you, show off abit of who you are!!
    I am really worried about the English test as im dyslexic!! im trying to study up! I hope my interview is after half term so I can cram in half term!
    I hate waiting too but hopfully it will be worth it!!
  20. You sound more organised than me, that's worrying! Well I have 3 more evenings and the weekend to prepare my knowledge and find suitable clothing. I work in an office now but it's not as formal as other places because we never see customers/ clients so no one wears suits.
    Don't worry about the English. If you wrote on your GTTR form that you have dyslexia then they'll know and take into account. If you didn't, or want to remind them, let them know if they contact you about you an interview. The lady who emailed me, the administrator, seems really nice and replied helpfully when I was freaking out about my certificates! I've become a bit paranoid over the past week too - I thought, not having any problems and having A at A-level English I'd be fine but I keep forgetting how to spell important words!Practising maths and science mostly though as I did gcses 7 years ago and only got C for both!

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