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Interview for mixed class - 4,5,6!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sheeee, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Sheeee

    Sheeee New commenter

    I have applied for a job at a local village primary school and have been lucky enough to get an interview. I have posted in jobseekers also, but thought I would ask for the advice of people who have experience of this type of class.
    The job is for the role of KS2 teacher, and the school is a very small 1
    form entry. On my school visit, the Head predicted the class would be
    24 pupils and will be years 4 - 6.
    For my interview I have to teach a 45 min session with the children who
    will be in the class next year - so the current year 3's, 4's and 5's.
    I have chosen to teach a science lesson as this is my specialism, and
    would like to teach seed dispersal (because I have had a good experience
    teaching a lesson on this before, to a year 5 class - which is the
    middle age of pupils in the class for the job IYSWIM?) However, the
    majority of the children in the session at my interview will be year
    So now I am confused - I am not sure whether to stick with my original idea, or to choose a year 3 topic, or a year 4 topic
    Any advice will be gratefully recieved as this is in fact my first ever interview!!!!
  2. I teach in a Y4/5/6 class and I love it! It took me a while to get to grips with, even though I've done mixed age YR/1/2 and Y3/4 before, but I really enjoy it now.
    My interview last year was the same. I had to teach the children who would be in my class in September, so it was the current years 3,4 and 5 at that time.
    If it were me, I'd stick with something I was really comfortable with, and that you know is a good lesson from having taught it before. If you've taught it to Y5 before, you must have differentiated it anyway, so you might just have to think about how you'll make that differentiation a bit wider. I'd also make sure that your differentiation is REALLY clear in the lesson. They are looking for somebody who can teach that wide age/ability range. Sometimes that includes groups doing different things, but most of the time it's everyone doing similar activities around a common learning objective.
    Even if they're sat in mixed ability groups, which is a nice way of organising a mixed year group class, you can have them working at different levels. In my interview lesson, I had talk partner tasks written on cards, in three different colours. I told them that everyone should be able to do the "blue" task, that the "red" task was a bit more challenging and that the "green" task was even more of a challenge. I said I'd expect most of the Y5s to be thinking about the red/green tasks. I felt that was the only way I could do it - I had no knowledge of the class and, as it turns out, I have a current Y6 working towards level 2 and a current Y4 working at L4, so differentiation purely by year group wouldn't have been successful.
    I hope some of this helps a bit.
    Good luck!

  3. littlelebowski

    littlelebowski New commenter

    Hi, are you still in year 4, 5, 6? I'm starting at a tiny primary school in january!

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