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Interview for Middlesex pgce primary!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pgce2016, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. pgce2016

    pgce2016 New commenter

    I have applied for pgce primary course in Middlesex have heard noting back yet though I applied on the 12th. I am just wondering how long does it take to process the application. When do interviews take place? How many places are there on the course and what is the interview process like?
  2. Hi,
    I applied on the 8th (Feb) and my status is still 'your application has been sent for consideration. I know that doesn't really help at all but I would really love to know how long other people have waited to hear back from Middlesex for a Primary PGCE.
    I'll keep trying to find out... I don't know whether to email them, I'm worried i might not come across well and that it's actually a 'usual' amount of time to wait. Eeek!- It's so nerve wracking!
    Hope someone can shed some light on this :)
  3. pgce2016

    pgce2016 New commenter

    Just wondering how you got on since. It took my application over a month to process they had to put a stop on my gttr application as it had passed teh 28days that they are given to process the applicatiom. I have an interview now in April dont know how to apply for it as I have yet to get a letter to outline the interview process. I know there is a group interview and no individual interview so kind of worried about that as that means that you can be lost within a group situation at times so will have to see how things go.
  4. Hiya, I like yourselves waited a long time for the GTTR to process my application. I heard after about 6 weeks, them got an interview. The interview process is really laid back.
    1. You have an Induction talk.
    2. Take a 30 min maths- multiple choice + calculators.
    3. 30 min literacy paper- mines was ' Whats the point of education. Discuss'.
    4. split into smaller groups and have a little discussion in TURNS- so you wont get lost in the crowd.
    5. Prepare a 10min presentation- 'Why do you want to be a teacher'.

    It was not at all interview style pressure and stress!!! You should be fine, good luck :)
    I got a conditional offer, so still waiting for an unconditional offer, anybody else heard yet??????

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