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interview for Goldsmiths 2nd Feb for design technology teaching

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by emilydoyle, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Cheers, i applied and got it sent away at the begining of december, was shocked how quick they got back! am really nervous now though and trying to get everything sorted, last minutre changes to my folio and trying to think of questions they might ask me! I have a degree in product design from glasgow school of art. I will keep you updated on how it goes and what they ask me during the interview. Good luck x
  2. hay emily
    how was your interview ?
    i have applied for the flexible route and i got an email from the tutor that they r still considering my application so fingers r crossed here
    wat did they ask you?
  3. Ahh thats brilliant news. Yeah it went well, will hear back this week so fingers crossed! i tried my best and thats all one can do! It turned out to be a group interview, which i didnt know about until i arrived there, no pre warning or anything. It started with a written piece half an hour to write about 500 words on why design technology is important within the national curriculum. We then went onto having a tour of the department, this was really interesting as the facilities at goldsmiths are amazing! After that we went back and each of us were asked 2 questions within the group, the same questions so we basically went round expanding on what everyone had said..I felt this part was a bit frustrating as i wasnt really able to sell myself as much as i would have liked, due to time constraints and the questions. After that we individualy showed one project from our folios, i thought they would have wanted to look at the whole folio to see our diversity but no just the one. We only got 5 mins to go through it and ask any specific questions and for them to ask about anything they were unsure of from your application. That was how the interview was layed out, and they said they will get back with an answer within a week! I feel that i was well prepared although would have prefered a one on one, but it was nice meeting other applicants. I hope you hear back soon and fingers crossed. I hope that the info about the process is helpful for you and your preperation. What other courses/unis have you applied to? What is your specialism?
    Good luck
  4. Hay
    I am glad the day went well for you
    I have an interview on monday 13th and am given same format as yours
    did they ask you qs from curriculum and what kind of qs did they ask in group
    I am interested in materials n computer technology , wat abt you?
    I am soo excited and at the same time soo terrified that i might end up doing something silly
    my second choices are northampton and than OU because i am looking for part time or distant learning


  5. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

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