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Interview for acting deputy head on Fri- what kind of questions can I expect?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by Dalian Daisy, May 8, 2006.

  1. I have an interview on friday- Yipee! I was wondering what type of questions I can expect. I am anticipating questions like why do you want the job etc. I would also like to know what people think makes a good deputy head. I am excited and nervous about it so any help would be fab!
  2. I have an interview on friday- Yipee! I was wondering what type of questions I can expect. I am anticipating questions like why do you want the job etc. I would also like to know what people think makes a good deputy head. I am excited and nervous about it so any help would be fab!
  3. The usual suspects: SEN; differentiation; behaviour management; supporting staff including underperforming,(looking for awareness of competency procedures) students NQTs etc; dealing with parents including stroppy ones; INSET that you have been on and led; experience of whole school issues/management; how you would help to raise standards; how to uphold school ethos etc etc Hope this helps. I wrote potential questions on cards and then notes for the answers (1 per card)and got partner to read out the question and I answered aloud, I needed to hear the answer. Must have worked I got the job!!
    Good luck!!
  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Questions for Candidates - picked up from this Forum!


    Why have you applied for the post?
    What have you heard about the school/what are your impressions of us?
    What at this stage do you see as our strengths?
    What do you consider to be areas that need development/improvement?
    What do you consider makes for successful School Development/Improvement Planning?

    Management Skills

    In three words, how would your current colleagues describe you?
    Describe your style of management? What decisions do you find difficult?
    What do you see as the ideal management team within a school?
    What has been the most important learning experience for you as a manager?

    Performance Management and Appraisal of Staff

    What are the keys to successful performance management of staff?
    How would you deal with a member of staff resistant to change?
    How about one whose performance is unsatisfactory?
    What kind of people do you enjoy/find it difficult to work with?

    Dealing with Parents

    How and when would you plan to first meet parents? What would you say?
    How would you run the open mornings for prospective parents and pupils?
    How would you achieve successful partnership with parents?
    What would you say to a parent who makes a complaint about a teacher?

    Dealing with Pupils

    How and when would you plan to first meet the pupils? What would you say?
    How would you get to know each child? How many lessons should you teach?
    Bullying is liable to occur in any school. How would you deal with it?
    What are your views on rewards/sanctions/behaviour/discipline?


    What do you consider to be the key features of a balanced curriculum?
    What is your approach to constructing the timetable?
    How important is ICT and how should it be taught in the school?
    What are your views on academic setting?


    How should a child?s progress be monitored?
    What information should teachers record?
    What are the key features of an effective reporting process?
    What in your view is the difference between assessment and testing?

    Knowledge of Current Debate and Future Trends in Education

    How do you keep up to date with educational developments?
    What are the current key challenges for our type of school?
    What is it that successful schools do well?

    Professional Development and Training

    How would you establish professional development priorities for staff?
    When should professional development take place?
    If you could choose an area of professional development for yourself what would it be and why?

    Summary Questions

    What particular aspects of the job appeal to you?
    What is your main strength?
    What is your weakness?
    Which 3 things would you not compromise on if appointed?

  5. Thank you so much for your replies.They have been very helpful! Bit bloomin scared now!
  6. I'm sure I'm too late for questions but just wanted to wish you good luck.

  7. Hi arrr thank you everyone for your help and good wishes! I had my interview today, it went really well but I didn't get the job. They said that I did a really good interview and had excellent answers but that I had a lack of relative experience( 3Yrs). It's fair enough so I'm really happy! Thnks for all the advice.
  8. Sorry to hear you didn't get the job but well done for doing so well.

    I'm sure the experience will be very useful in the future.

  9. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get it too - been in a similar boat myself recently and know how disappointing it feels. Main thing is to keep your chin up and keep trying - something will come along soon.
  10. ive got an interview for deputy at a pru, they questions look really useful thanks any more ideas for a pru !!!!
  11. Please don't be put off - I was teaching for 4 years before I was a deputy and 7 years before a head - it's the experience you have had not the number of years. Good luck.
  12. Hi I have been asked to do a 5 minutes presentation for an deputy headship the focus for it is:

    X school aims to be in the top 25% of schools nationally for CVA scores within 3 years. How can this be achieved and what would be your direct contribution as Deputy?

    (only 5 minutes long)

    I have some ideas/ but the more the merrier

    help would be appreciated.




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