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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by stacey1004, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. I may actually get some sleep tonight!
    My interview has been completed and we've been told we should hear early next week if we have been sucessful or not. I don't know how I got through the day having only had less than an hour sleep!!!
    Good luck to everyone who is still waiting for their interviews!
  2. I felt the same when my interview was over, though unfortunately for me, I was told that they do not know when they will be able to let us know if we have secured a place because of the funding. At least you shouldn't have too long to wait.

    Best of luck! :)
  3. Sorry, I didn't explain myself properly at all!!
    If we are offered a place it will be conditional depending on funding!! So although I will know either way by next week, it won't be a definate for some time yet even if it's a yes! The course I applied for is a SCITT with only 30 places each year, with OFSTED reports of 'outstanding' for the last 3 inspections, so with Michael Gove going on all the time about the importance of high quality school based teacher training, I am hopeful that when the funding is announced that they will be near the top of the pile when it comes to allocation.
    Of course the worrying thing is, is that on top of the worry of how many places will be made available for 2011 is the matter of costs........how much will the course fees be??? Mind you, I would do whatever it takes to ensure I get this qualification, by hook or by crook I will be a teacher!!
    Have you not been told if they will offer conditionally? The waiting is the most difficult part!
  4. No, all I was told was that that will let us know when the funding comes in.
    Hoping it wont be too much longer! I have applied down the PGCE route, so I'm not really sure about the costs involved within SCITT.
  5. That would drive me barmy, at least I kind of know by early next week, I would hate to wait longer!
    I don't think the costs are any different to a standard PGCE, its just school centred initial teacher training rather than uni based, but even so I don't know if any costs have been announced anywhere yet. If I get a place I still end up with a PGCE I just felt the ethos of this particular provider was everything I think about teaching, and I love the fact that you are in schools from the first week of the course, I personally learn better on the job.
    I'm so nervous about the outcome, but so excited about the opportunity that MIGHT be coming my way, I'm a complete wreck emotionally!!
    Hope you hear soon!

  6. I'm not certain, but I spoke to the TDA today and they said that course fees had been decided, I might be wrong, but it could be worth giving them a ring to see if they can tell you?
  7. Thanks, I will give them a call tomorrow!
  8. Stacey are you applying for the SCITT at Uni of Nottingham?

    I am basically in the same boat as you!
  9. Hello!
    Am looking for advice re: SCITT (preferably sucessful!) interviews, any tips/pointers?! Would be much appreciated!
  10. My conditional on funding offer is from Devon Primary SCITT.
    sitajebb999 - what does the plan of the day say? This is a run down of my day;
    Maths and English tests - spelling and grammar were the focus of the english, in the maths test there was a lot of %'s, ratios, time calculations just general maths really.
    I had to do a 30 minute lesson based on a story of my choice, I did Jack and the Beanstalk, but rather than just read the story I pulled the different characters out of a 'story bag' (a brightly coloured drawstring bag I made) and asked the children to guess which story it was, mum came out first, then a boy, then a cow, then an old lady holding a bag (at this point they guessed it), and finally the beanstalk. I then got the children to relay the story to me, until we got to the point where the beanstalk grows overnight, I then started asking them questions about plants, what they need, do they really grow overnight, etc etc
    I had grown beanstalks for the previous 2 weeks, planting 2 seeds every other day in see-through containers against white kitchen paper so that you could see all of the roots and the bean, shoots, stems etc and I got the children to explore the plants, put them into growth order, draw/describe what they could see and they did some pre-cut (because I didn't want them taking ages cutting the labels out) and stick worksheets about plant parts and growth sequencing. I then checked their understanding with a velcro flower and I purposefully made mistakes so they had to shout "STOP" and explain to me what I had said/done wrong and what the right answer was.
    We then had to do a written evaluation our lesson. In this I was brutally honest about how I felt I could have done some things better and highlighted the good parts of my lesson, I included a quote that one of the kids had said during the lesson "this is much more fun than gym!!".
    Our team task went really well, it's really important to work as a team and not be overly competitive, I did what came naturally and gave my opinion, listened to others, and tried to keep the focus on getting the task completed on time.
    During our formal imterview it was very much about evaluating the day and being reflective about each of the things we had done. They were really lovely and put me at ease (well, as much as I could have been at ease for the most important interview of my life!!), and weren't looking for perfect answers but for enthusiasm to learn.
    Each provider will be different, which is why I ask what the plan of the day looks like. I had spent hours reading up on educational issues, and government policies and the curriculum and I wasn't asked anything at all about it!!!
    During my interview and in my post-offer telephone briefing I was told that I had come across as enthusiastic, with mature people skills, during the team task I had a good balance, I apparently took the lead (completely unaware as I was just being myself) without being bossy, but I also allowed the others to speak taking on board what they said and I apparently kept the task focussed, and the nicest compliment of all is that throughout the day they noticed that I had retained my good humour! My lesson had lots of active involvement and good social aspects, I used the children's names a lot (I had taken stickers for name tags but thankfully they already had some on!), and I noticed and praised specific incidents of good learning. They also said it was clear that I had put a great deal of thought into it (I had put an incredible amount of thought into it as I wanted to show them what type of teacher I would become, I am very much about discovery learning and making kids THINK in order to learn instead of just spouting info at them).
    I don't really know what to say as all I was doing was being myself, which sounds cliche but it's true. Don't try to be anything you're not, even if you think it's what they want, if they don't want the real you then they aren't the right provider for you anyway. If you let me know what the pre-interview brief says that I am more than willing to help, even if it's for secondary I might have some pointers as I have worked in one for just under 6 years.
    Best of luck with it all!!


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